A Map of the Futuristic LA Subway From Spike Jonze's Her

One of the best moments in the new movie Her is watching Joaquin Phoenix ride an elevated train through a Los Angeles of the near-future, dance through a bustling subway station, and emerge at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Read More >>

New Her Trailer Explains Modern Man's True Love for his Galaxy S4

There's a new trailer out for bizarre, Spike Jonze directed phon-com Her, in which we get to see more of Joaquin Phoenix's realistic portrayal of the population's infatuation with their mobile phones. He'll dump you for a younger model after 24 months, though, Samantha. Read More >>

Spike Jonze's Next Film: Man Falls in Love with Siri

Spike "I'm Friends With Rappers, Too" Jonze has been behind some big name films: Where the Wild Things Are, Jackass: The Movie, uh, Björk: Volumen Plus (?), the music video for Otis was pretty great... Next subject? iPhones and romance. Read More >>


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