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Is This the Greatest Star Trek Car Ad Ever?

Old Spock versus new Spock. Nimoy versus Quinto. Yep, Audi knows what it's doing. And even if it's super cheesy, ending with Audi's automated racing car is just brilliant. Hell, I can't even remember what was being advertised it's that good. Read More >>

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Oh Yes, Bones Is Still Awesome in Star Trek Into Darkness

Little did anyone realise that Star Trek was actually a show about a grumpy old doctor, thrust into space against his will. Yeah, Kirk and Spock stole the spotlight, but it's really all about Bones. Oh, and Scotty. But not Uhura, obviously. Lucky that Karl Urban is awesome as the good doctor, then. Read More >>

Almost There -- 10 Star Trek Technologies Within Our Grasp

Whether you love or hate Star Trek, you have to respect its vision. A future in which humanity has transcended money, wealth, and greed in favour of pure enlightenment and exploration. And space battles. Read More >>


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