The Hilariously Scientific Medicine to Cure a Hipster

It's very likely that if you're reading this, you may be afflicted with Hyper Involuntary Panic Stress Tension Elevation also known as HIPSTER. Or maybe if you're not, you know someone who is. Here's the most hilarious way to cure them: Unpretentiousil. This spoof ad drops the science of being a hipster and how it can be broken down with the miracle cure. Brooklyn, Portland, Silver Lake... we're here to help. [YouTube via TDW] Read More >>

Watch This NASA Spoof Celebrate The Curiosity Landing In Style

Take two-parts LMFAO, a healthy dose of NASA and a topping of Curiosity, and you get this brilliant spoof that's a fitting tribute to how badass NASA really is. I'm willing to bet the real NASA dudes can rock out like this too. [YouTube via Buzzfeed] Read More >>

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Paper Prometheus Is Almost Scarier Than the Real Thing

The Prometheus trailers were rather epic; some said that they were actually better than the film itself. When looking at this fan remake of the trailer made entirely out of paper, I'd have to agree. Read More >>

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Watch Steve Jobs and Woz Go "Bluebusting" In This Crazy Leaked Apple Ghostbusters Spoof From 1984

It seems all of Apple's secret 1980s propaganda videos are leaking out of Cupertino. Just a week after we saw Steve Jobs bizarrely masquerading as Franklin Roosevelt, here's another super-corny cameo-ridden treat for you. Apple's Ghostbusters spoof, Bluebusters, takes the fight to IBM. Read More >>


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