An Amazing Stabilised Spoon Lets Parkinson's Sufferers Feed Themselves

The same way your fancy DSLR lens can automatically track and compensate for vibrations and shaking motions, Lift Labs' incredibly innovative new Liftware Spoon lets those dealing with Parkinson's disease — and the tremors associated with the condition — still feed themselves. Read More >>

This Victorian Mustache Spoon Is Your Nose Neighbor's Best Friend

With the trends of today's disaffected youth being what they are, mustaches have gained an unfortunate affiliation with hipsterdom and the ironic ramifications that follow This gloriously dignified mustache spoon, however, is a reminder that there was actually a time when your mustache was a symbol of honor. When your mustache was your manhood. Read More >>

Recycling as Art and Lighting

Before you go tossing that coffee cup or plastic spoon into the rubbish or even the recycling bin, why don't you send it along to artist Christian DuCharme? The man's made a name for himself making lights from discarded utensils. Read More >>


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