These are the Futuristic Venues of the Upcoming Winter Olympics

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics will start on February 6th, 2014. The Russian Empire has built a bunch of brand new arenas for the upcoming winter sports fiesta. This is our collection of the artistic-futuristic architecture of the Sochi Games, built from scratch in the past few years. Read More >>

BT Becomes the Most Complained About Broadcaster, Thanks to Broken BT Sport Launch

The arrival of BT Sport and all the hassle it brought with it saw complaints about BT's TV services more than double, as the phone giant made a bit of a mess of its transition to sports broadcaster. Read More >>

This Is How You Don't Overtake

Here's a completely bizarre piece of action from a Formula Two race, which sees driver Ricardo Teixeira crash over the cars ahead of him and take a large whack into the walls of the track upon landing. Read More >>

BT Sport Channel Now Live for BT ISP Users

If your internet comes through BT and you like listening to Claire Balding going on about horses and occasionally watching some football, your luck's in -- the new BT Sport channels are now live in the UK. Read More >>

Google Mashes Street View and Google+ Together for Tour de France Action Cam

Google's put together a very technically impressive web experience celebrating the Tour de France, giving you (a bit of) an idea of what the stages look like from a rider's perspective. Read More >>

BT Sport Is Your Free-TV-Down-Your-Broadband Deal of the Day

Sport, sport, magical sport. Human v other human in gut-wrenching feats of magnificence and that. Imagine a world without it. In fact, don't -- because you can't. Read More >>

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Why Yes, It Is Possible to Change All Four Tyres on an F1 Car in 2.05 Seconds

Next time you go to your local tyre shop, demand a 'Mark Webber change', just like this. During the Malaysian Grand Prix last month, the Red Bull team managed to break records. Not with the fastest car or anything like that, but with the fastest pit stop, where all four wheels are changed, ever made. In just 2.05 seconds. Incredible. That's barely enough time to stop a car, let alone anything else. Read More >>

The BBC's Got a Slick New Free Sport App For Your iPhone

Can't get enough sport while out and about? The BBC's got you covered with a new free BBC Sport app for the iPhone (Android coming soon). The app brings together everything sport from Aunty into one slick interface, including a fancy fixtures calendar, live text coverage, gossip and rumour, and of course, results, with video coming soon too. Read More >>

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This is What It Looks Like When Drivers Race Each Other Right Off the Road In a 180MPH F1 Car

For anyone who didn't see the Italian grand prix this weekend, we saw some seriously insane skills from Fernando Alonso, handling a car hurtling along at 180mph, on the grass, mere centimetres from the side of Vettel's illegal manoeuvre. It was genuinely a heart-in-mouth moment, but it's not the first time. These two have history. Read More >>

Time Really Does Seem to Slow Down for Athletes

If you've ever felt like time slows down as a baseball hurtles towards you, you're not alone. In fact, a series of new experiments suggests that our perception of time slows to varying degrees as we prepare to make physical actions—which could explain why some pros are so damn good. Read More >>

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In Case You Missed It, This Is What a Massive F1 Flying-Car Pile-Up Looks Like

You were watching the Belgian grand prix at the weekend, right? No? Well, slap your eyes on this. A twitch too far at the start from Romain Grosjean sent Hamilton into the back of him, sending the Lotus flying right over the top of Alonso's Ferrari. Boy, that was so close to his head. Read More >>

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Meet the First 3D-Printed Racecar, Air Con Optional

We've seen 3D-printed furniture, 3D-printed jewellery, and even a 3D-print of your unborn child. Now meet the first ever, awesome, printed race car! Read More >>

A Kayak Is Your Post-Olympics-Legacy-In-Action Deal of the Day

Okay, so the Games are over and we're all feeling our way around the 'legacy'. What does it mean? What is expected of us? Do we just do a few star jumps and then that's it? It's so confusing. Read More >>

Lolympics: Day 10

Well, we've managed a serious medal haul these last three days, plus the awesome 100m final, which some tool decided he was going to try and wreck with a bottle and some abuse; thankfully the rozzers got him. Meanwhile, more signs make a mockery of water polo players; McDonald's powers Bolt, again, and some idiot gets thrown out of the Games for smoking dope while another just can't be arsed. All in another day's Lolympics. Read More >>

Lolympics: Day 6

We're in London for the Olympics, so it's about bloody time someone won something for shooting...and gold will just have to do, I suppose. Speaking of gold, Royal Mail is painting the town -- well, its mail boxes -- gold, in celebration of all these GB medals we've scooped up. Meanwhile, someone tried to win gold with Zelda; the Olympics totally nuked an ebook festival, and the Australians show they really don't like the Naughty North Koreans. Read More >>

Stretching and Flexibility: Olympian Advice For Lazy Giz Readers

Oh, to be as stretchy as a gymnast; a carefree life full of surfing the internet with my legs behind my head, and opening doors with my feet when my hands are full. Elsa Garcia, Mexico's poster girl for London 2012, brags that she's flexible enough to do all that and more. I spoke to the Olympic gymnast between training sessions and got the lowdown for all the lazy Gizmodians out there. Read More >>


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