Rumour: Led Zeppelin Streams Climbing the Stairway to Spotify Today

Having previously spared no quarter for streaming services, red snapper experimentalists and rock legends Led Zeppelin are rumoured to be making their catalogue exclusively available for streaming through Spotify later today. Read More >>

Rumour: Spotify is Planning to Introduce Free Mobile Music

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Spotify is planning to launch a free, ad-supported version of its streaming music service for mobile devices Read More >>

Fake "Spotify For Artists" Page Fools Anti-Spotify Radiohead Producer

Spotify -- great for music fans, not so great for penniless musicians. That's the see-sawing argument between the music streaming service and the likes of Radiohead producer/Atoms For Peace member Nigel Godrich, who was well and truly hoodwinked today by a phony Spotify page that seemed to suggest the company had drastically revised its artist payment model. Read More >>

Listen to This Year's 100 Top-Streamed Spotify Tracks Right Here

If all your favourite playlist is missing is everyone else's playlist favourites, fear not! Spotify has released its 100 most-streamed songs of the 2013, globally. The results? The most agreeable mix you'll hear all year—and a whole lot of Rihanna. Read More >>

Spotify Will Make Bands Rich One Day, it Promises

Spotify has opened a new stats-heavy web site designed to be read by the world's music artists and industry types, hoping to convince the likes of Thom Yorke that it can pay bands enough cash to fund all their bizarre rider requests and secret habits and hobbies. Read More >>

150 Album BT Music Streaming Service Still Hunting Labels

BT looks to be expanding its entertainment options further, with plans to launch a Spotify-rivalling music streaming service underway. However, early indications suggest you've probably got more CDs on your home shelves than it does in its digital library. Read More >>

More Than 4 Million Spotify Songs Have Never Been Played

Last week, Spotify turned five years old, and to celebrate, the company released a batch of impressive data. But buried within the fun facts is a tidbit that's just as depressing as it is surprising: 20-per cent of Spotify tracks have never been streamed. Read More >>

Network Issues Bring Down Spotify in the UK

Break out the hard drive with the MP3s on -- Spotify's down. The streaming site is refusing to work for many people in the UK right now, with Spotify's support account saying it's currently investigating why "people connecting to our UK data centre" are unable to get online. Are you up or down, or a defiant vinyl enthusiast with an extra reason to be smug today? [Spotify Support] Read More >>

On Spotify's Fifth Birthday, Radiohead's Thom Yorke Calls It a "Fart"

After five short years on this planet, Spotify's managed what was once thought impossible, legitimising the music streaming business model and turning a generation of dyed-in-the-wool pirates into legal, paid-for music fans. But there's no pleasing some people, as Radiohead's Thom Yorke has once again attacked the service, and on its fifth birthday to boot. Read More >>

Half-Priced Spotify Is the Students-Only Deal of the Day

We all love Spotify, but if you're a hard-up student, the £9.99 a month ad-free subscription can be a step too far. After all, you need to spend your cash on food (KFC), drinks (lime cordial) and clothes (tie-dyed sand bags). Read More >>

Ministry of Sound Sues Spotify Over Compilation Album-Cloning Playlists

Mainstream dance music behemoth the Ministry of Sound is taking legal action against streaming service Spotify, claiming the creation of playlists by users that clone its compilation albums amounts to copyright infringement. Read More >>

Spotify Connect: Sonos-Like Powers That Bend to Your Budget

Spotify is getting into the hardware game. The company is teaming up with a slew of great audio companies to bake Spotify right into Wi-Fi connected speakers. And it's not just speakers — the new system makes juggling your tunes between your phone, tablet, and computer a piece of cake, too. Here's the facile music experience you've been waiting for at a price you can actually afford. Read More >>

Google's All Access Music Spotify-Competitor Is Finally Live in the UK

Fancy yourself a streaming music service powered by Google? Spotify just not doing it for you? Well then, we have good news this morning, as big G has just flipped the switch on its All Access music service, firing it into the UK and across Europe. You'll get a free first month of streaming too. Read More >>

Spotify Is Making Sharing Songs More Like Facebook Messaging

Over the next week or so, Spotify will roll out a few new features to its web and mobile interfaces that'll make getting to the music you want faster. The coolest of the bunch is that Spotify will be threading its music sharing features so that it'll look more like a long conversation on other platforms. Read More >>

Hidden Spotify Features Show Discovery Could Get So Much Better

It looks like Spotify is about to launch an entirely new way for you to browse its catalogue with more sophisticated playlists. While the subscription music service hasn't officially launched the features, they're live on Spotify's web player. If like a lot of people you get lost in Spotify's catalogue, you're going to love what could be coming soon. Read More >>


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