What the Hell, A Live Bomb Was Found Inside a Squid's Stomach

A Chinese fishmonger was going about his business when he randomly discovered a bomb... inside the stomach of a squid he was gutting. Apparently, a three-pound squid had swallowed an eight-inch bomb on accident. The bomb was live. Read More >>

Live Giant Squid Filmed in the Pacific for the First Time

This amazing sea creature is an Architeuthis. Or a Kraken, as the ancient vikings used to call it. We knew the kraken wasn't a mythical creature. Giant squids like this have been captured in the past, usually near the sea's surface, but this is the first time one has been filmed alive in the wild, majestically swimming at 630m underwater. Read More >>

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Beached Firefly Squid Light Up the Japanese Coast

The Firefly Squid (Watasenia scintillans) inhabits the Western Pacific and is famously found in Toyama Bay, Japan. The 3-inch long creatures employ bioluminescent glands in each tentacle to attract and hunt prey. Surprisingly, this is the only species of of cephalopod that is suspected of having color vision. [Sparkling Enope Wiki via Buzzfeed - Composite Image (clockwise from left): Slutgarden, seavenger, pinktentacle] Read More >>

Giant Squid Have Eyes Twice the Size of Your Head

Giant squid are massive creatures, growing up to 14m in length. But if that size is difficult to imagine, maybe you can picture this; their eyes are up to 28cm in diameter. That's bigger than a football. Read More >>

Squids and Octopi Change From Invisible to Camouflaged in a Snap

Squids and octopi are mesmerizing creatures when you can get a look at them. But that's not so easy thanks to their magical invisibility and camouflage powers. Read More >>


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