Batman: Arkham Origins for £16.22 is Your "KAPOW! CRUNCH! WHAM!" Deal of the Day

Since Batman stopped being camp and got in a perma-sulk, he's been the king of the superheroes. Weird that, in the new flicks, the millionaire took on the socialists who hate the wealthy Bruce Wayne, and made us lot side with the bankers for the duration of a film. Go capitalism! Read More >>

The World's First 1TB mSATA SSD: So Much in So Little

If you feel like your ultrabook is limited in capacity, that won't be the case much longer: Samsung has just announced the industry's first 1TB mSATA SSD, which'll give any ultra-thin laptop a shot in the storage arm. Read More >>

Recycle Your Old microSD Cards Into an SSD Drive

Instead of giving your unwanted memory cards away to your parents, or putting them someplace safe where they'll inevitably get lost, this easy-to-build kit lets you turn a bunch of unused microSD cards into a far more useful SSD drive. Read More >>

This Samsung SSD Runs at a Blistering 3,000MB/s

If you think your SSD is speedy, think again: this new Samsung SSD is capable of reading data at a frankly obscene 3,000MB/s. Read More >>

A Six-Day Transatlantic Cruise Is Your Titanic-Beating Deal of the Day

The Titanic. Bit of a nightmare, all things considered, what with the sinking and everything. It's put us right off the idea of sailing from the UK to the USA. Read More >>

An 8-Socket 3000 Volt Surge Protector Is Your "Take That Lightning, You'll Never Get Me" Deal of the Day

Sure, we're all pretty pleased with ourselves and the near-infinite number of electronic gadgets that we've got lying around our dwellings, but don't forget that we need to plug them in to the power supply to keep them running. Read More >>

A Nokia Lumia 620 Is Your Valentines-Present-to-Yourself Deal of the Day

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow -- the day for lovers to indulge themselves and demonstrate their undying devotion to one another. But what if you're single? Should you have to miss out on all that? Read More >>

A Bunch of Bargain-Basement SSDs Are Your Instant-Turbo-Charged-Computer Deal of the Day

Did you know that today is National Hard Drive Day? Well it is, because we just decided that it is, so shut up. Appropriately, here's some top-notch hard drive and SSD bargains that we've found to help celebrate the big day. Read More >>

An Amazon Kindle For Just £60 Is Your Books-Evolved Deal of the Day

It's time to decide which side you're on in the e-reading debate. Are you the sort that mewls about technology, whining on about how 'you don't get the smell or the feel of a real, actual book with those computer thingies'? Yeah, or the germs. Read More >>

Holy Sh*t, Apple's Fusion Drive Is Quick

When Apple announced Fusion Drive, we expected it to be quick. But TLDToday has performed some speed tests, comparing a new Mac mini to its predecessor, and the results are pretty amazing. Read More >>

A Nikon D3100 Is Your Moustache-Photography-Special Deal of the Day

It's Movember! The annual event where men sprout upper lip fur in an attempt to raise much-needed cash for cancer. If you're taking part, perhaps you'd like to record your efforts day by day with some photographs of your slowly-sprouting moustache. Read More >>

You Can Build Your Own Apple Fusion Drive For Your Old Mac

Apple's fancy new Fusion Drive promises to couple an SSD with a traditional hard drive for large-scale storage with lightning fast boot up and program launches. But a developer found Mountain Lion already packs support for Fusion Drive, meaning that with an SSD, a hard drive, and a bit of Terminal magic, you can create your own homebrew Fusion Drive right now for your old Mac. Read More >>

A 500GB Sony Super-Slim PS3 Is Your Everything-Streaming-and-Gaming Deal of the Day

Over on the east coast of America, they're 'battening down' the 'hatches' and 'stocking up' on tins of 'bully beef' in anticipation of the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. Very wise -- venturing outdoors in the face of the 'Frankenstorm' would be 'very foolish indeed'. Read More >>

A Powerline Networking Kit Is Your Path-to-Crystal-Clear-Streaming Deal of the Day

Wi-Fi isn't as great as it's cracked up to be sometimes, and there's often some annoying interferences that can get in the way of your lovely invisible internet signal. Like the microwave or a giant concrete statue in your hallway. Read More >>

A Giant Radio-Controlled Clown Fish Is Your Disturbingly-Large-Flying-Nemo Deal of the Day

Do you feel as though there’s something missing in your life, but you're not quite sure what it is? Is it a pet, a loyal beast for you to share your life with? The trouble is that pets can consume a lot of money, time, energy and food. Read More >>


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