These Time-Warp Photos Show Six Cities in the Past and Present

Cities change: skyscrapers go up, houses are torn down, neighbourhoods gentrify, earthquakes destroy. Vintage photographs of cities can be fascinating in their own right, but the familiar unfamiliarity of these time-warped photographs are especially intriguing. Read More >>

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This Colossal Dam Keeps Russia's Capital City Above Water

When Tsar Peter the Great founded the Russian city of Saint Petersburg more than 300 years ago, he intended it to provide a "window on the Baltic." Turns out, that window was more of a screen door. To protect itself, the city built a dam that took almost 300 years and £2.45 billion to complete. Read More >>

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Russian Power Station Goes Haywire

You're driving south of St. Petersburg, listening to some John Lennon. The traffic is a little heavy. God, this song is so great—and now, let us pause for an enormous electrical explosion that dominates the entire horizon. Read More >>


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