The AI Effects Team Controlled Their Robo-Puppet While Buried Alive

AI had its narrative problems, sure. But it didn't have a problem with the awesomeness of its practical effects, specifically the awesomeness of this fully kinetic, crippled android puppet. It's so good that the robo-carnage is almost disturbing. Read More >>

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Small Soldiers Is a Much Better Movie Without the Visual Effects

Remember Small Soldiers? It was a movie where action figures were enhanced with military technology to make them more interactive, but ultimately resulted in them coming to life. Even though it cast both Spinal Tap and actors from The Dirty Dozen as voice talent, the film was remarkably forgettable. To the point where watching this test footage of the film's special effects would have been a more enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours. Read More >>

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How Jurassic Park's VFX Wizards Brought One of the Largest Dinos of All Time to Life

In shots where they were seen walking, Jurassic Park's resident brachiosaurs were realised with ground-breaking computer animation. But for shots when the film's human characters interacted with them high in the trees, the brachiosaurs were brought to life with complicated animatronics created by Stan Winston Studios. Read More >>

How Jurassic Park's FX Wizards Sculpted a Life-Size T-Rex Out of Clay

Before special effect artists can bring a creation like a T-Rex to life with robotics and animatronics, they first have to build and sculpt a life-size detailed mockup of the creature out of clay. And while it's probably one of the best jobs on earth, seeing the artists at Stan Winston Studios having to hand-carve every single scale on the Jurassic Park T-Rex somehow makes your own to-do list seem a little less daunting. Read More >>


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