This Half-Price Starbucks Card is Your "Mr. Java Java" Deal of the Day

To those people who wave placards in shops because companies haven't paid their taxes: you do realise that you're upsetting the underpaid staff and that the head office bods won't notice you? For the rest of us who accept business can be murky and still buy takeaway food and drink, you'll like this Starbucks offer we've found. Read More >>

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"I'm Spartacus" Prank Somehow Works at Notorious Name-Muddlers Starbucks

It must have taken nerves of steel to pull off this prank -- not because it required half a dozen people to disturb the conveyor-belt-workings of the world's biggest coffee shop chain, but because it relies upon Starbucks' notoriously name-illiterate staff to get a bloody spelling right. Read More >>

What Finally Makes Train Travel Bearable Might Be… Starbucks?

Trains are awesome. Their serpentine strings of steel carriages travel hundreds of miles an hour, yet give passengers enough stability to sip a tasty beverage. On the other hand, trains are awful. Have you ever seen the sickly coffee served onboard? Read More >>

Starbucks Tries to Buy Us Off With £5 Million in Tax

For the last five years, Starbucks, just like other tax dodgers, hasn't paid any corporation tax in the UK. Despite claiming it still doesn't need to -- because it operates at a loss in Blighty apparently -- it's trying to buy you and the government off with a £5m tax donation. Read More >>

Toilet Water Used to Make Delicious Brews in Hong Kong Starbucks

A branch of Starbucks in Hong Kong has been busted for using water from a nearby garage toilet to makes its drinks with, because the coffee shop, for some odd reason, didn't have a water supply of its own. Read More >>

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Look at This Idiot Using His Typewriter in a Starbucks

We've already been plenty vocal on our opinions of people who use coffee shops as their personal office. But this guy — this cretin — makes those non-ordering, space-consuming table squatters look like the saints of Starbucks — and this their new pope. Read More >>

Microsoft and Twitter Added to UK's Tax Shame Hitlist

Two more tech giants have been caught shamelessly bodging their UK tax submissions, with Twitter accused of ignoring return filing dates and Microsoft said to be paying ZERO tax on a whopping great £1.7 billion of UK online income. Read More >>

Starbucks, Amazon and Google's Tax-Dodging "An Insult" to the UK

The government is set to announce a renewed crackdown on large international tax avoiders, after evidence the big firms gave to the recent Public Accounts Committee hearing was described as "evasive" and "difficult to believe." Read More >>

Grab Some Free Tunes From Starbucks, Now Without Having to Go to Starbucks

The Starbucks Pick of the Week feature is a clever little way of encouraging people to try new music by offering free music tracks to those who visit the coffee chain. The only problem was the last century distribution method -- numbers and letters on pieces of paper. How crude. Read More >>

PayPal Is Testing Out Mobile Payment at McDonald's Restaurants

Just as it was announced last week that Square will become the mobile payment platform for Starbucks going forward, PayPal now has revealed it too has designs on the fastfood/payment game—its conquest: McDonalds. Read More >>

Starbucks Balls-Up Confuses Ireland For Britain In Jubilee Twitter Gaffe

Starbucks has been facing a right old Twitter storm after confusing its Irish followers for Brits -- a cardinal sin in the eyes of the Republic -- asking them whether they were "proud to be British". Read More >>

Starbucks Builds a Drive-Through Out of Shipping Containers

Even industrial shipping containers wear out eventually. But rather than scrap them, Starbucks' in-house architects upcycled the containers into a unique drive-through cafe. Read More >>

These Should Be the Real Logos Of Nokia, Starbucks, Playboy and Apple

I love the alternate-reality logo work by svenska designern Viktor Hertz. After his first series, he's back with a new batch of Honest Logos, even better than the first. My favorites: Nokia, Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts. [Flickr via Bored Panda] Read More >>

Refreshed Starbucks App Now Live for UK iTunes/Coffee Fans

That all-new iPhone Starbucks app we said was coming to the UK? Now we've got it. It's up on the UK iTunes shop, giving those who worship the two towers of capitalism the chance to manage and pay for their expensive beverages and sandwiches on their expensive telephones. What has gone wrong with the world? [iTunes via Starbucks] Read More >>

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Starbucks Launching One-Touch iPhone Payment App in the UK

Starbucks is at last bringing its one-touch iOS payment app to the UK. From the 5th of January next year, coffee lovers will be able to link their Starbucks card to the Starbucks iPhone app and pay using the on-screen barcode. Read More >>

Starbucks 'Pick of the Week' Lands On UK Shores With Free iTunes Downloads

Free music track with your Espresso Macchiato sir? Why I don't mind if I do -- finally, Starbucks has brought the UK into parity with the US with its free iTunes 'Pick of the Week'. Read More >>


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