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Google's Latest Android Statue Is Resplendent in Chrome

Google's a massive fan of celebrating Android through the medium of sculpture. Its latest, though, is a surprisingly tasteful vision in shiny, shiny chrome, strapped to the side of one of Google's Mountain View buildings. Read More >>

Google's New Jelly Bean Mascot Won't Melt; Isn't Quite as Cool

Google's finally gotten around to replacing its melting, head-popping, sweet-stealing Jelly Bean Googleplex statue. Jelly Beans is back, man, but somehow he's just not quite as cool. Time to roll out the next one already? Krispy Kreme? Key Lime Pie? Whatever. [G+ via Android Central] Read More >>

Google's Android Jelly Bean Just Can't Stand the Heat

Google's pretty proud of its latest and greatest, and by the looks of it, Jelly Bean is truly smoking; so hot in fact that its commemorative Googleplex statue couldn't take it any more -- its head popped clean off. Read More >>


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