Steadicam's Curve Makes Your GoPro Vids as Smooth as Silk

Steadicam—makers of all kinds of stabilising contraptions that turn average cameramen into (seemingly) masterful cinematographers—has just introduced its smallest model yet called the Curve that's designed to keep your GoPro videos looking their best. Read More >>

This New Camera Stabiliser Could Change Cinematography Forever

A new piece of filmmaking gear was just announced that could completely re-invent the complex process of camera stabilisation. It's currently being tested and endorsed by Vincent LaForet, who's given us a little taste of what it's capable of. Read More >>

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How a Looong Steadicam Shot Was Constructed in Hugo

Long Steadicam shots have become a staple of Hollywood movies over the past decade or so. Pulling it off involves complexities way beyond the seemingly simple task of walking through a room. Read More >>


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