Stephen Elop's New Microsoft Job is Xbox Division Boss

Nokia man Stephen Elop may have missed out on the big CEO job at Microsoft, but he has a pretty decent consolation prize -- he'll be taking control of the Devices and Studios team that manages the Xbox gaming brand and MS's entertainment ambitions. Read More >>

Rumour: Stephen Elop's Ex Causing Nokia Compensation Blues

Stephen Elop, soon-to-be-former Nokia CEO and shoe-in to take the Microsoft top spot once Ballmer leaves, has found himself at the centre of a row concerning his compensation package from Nokia. Read More >>

This Is How You Respond to Rumours

Don't hand your iPhone to Nokia CEO Stephen Elop. During an interview on Finnish TV show Hjalliksen kanssa, an interviewer made exactly that mistake, and is now short one functional iPhone, because Elop threw that sucker straight on the floor. Read More >>

windows phone 8
Do You Think the Nokia Boss Hinted at Them Moving to Other Platforms In the Future?

This Monday we published Nokia's boss Stephen Elop's words on his company's commitment to Windows Phone 8. Elop said that they are not ruling anything out, even while they are supporting Microsoft right now. Read More >>

windows phone 8
Nokia Boss: "Today We are With Microsoft, But Anything is Possible"

Gizmodo es Español reports on some surprising words by Nokia big chief Stephen Elop. Asked about a potential Android phone in Nokia's near future, Elop said that "anything is possible": Read More >>

Nokia Not Shifting Away From Windows Phone

Probably for the better, Nokia's CEO has insisted that the company's future lies no longer with Symbian (thank God), but rather with Windows Phone and nothing else. At all. Read More >>


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