Google Glass Part Two: Super Double Binocular Vision

Patent watchers have uncovered a filing from Google which goes into some heavy detail about future developments of its Google Glass project, with the company registering a dual-HUD system that uses a laser alignment tool to keep the graphical overlays in the right spot above both eyes. Read More >>

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How To Set Up A Wireless Home Theatre System Using Airplay

Lost deposits, shattered drywall, gaping holes vomiting forth a jungle of cables. Home theatre installation is not the most viable option for most folks living in rental units. Read More >>

Set Up Your Home Theatre Like a THX Master

Building a killer home theatre involves more than just throwing a big wad of cash at your local electronics dealer. It requires planning, finesse, and scientific acoustic manipulation. The engineers at THX pioneered a lot of the methods and technologies used in today's top systems. So we took a trip to their San Rafael, California, headquarters to get a lesson from the masters. Here's what we learned. Read More >>

Aluminium Speaker Dock Looks Right At Home Under Your iMac

Another day, another iOS device dock designed to compensate for their unimpressive built-in speakers. Today it's Philips with its elongated DS6100 featuring an aluminium housing that's designed to perfectly complement your iMac. Read More >>

NASA: Nope, That's Not a UFO, It's Just Plain Old Venus

Alien conspiracy theorists went nuts (as you can see above) when they saw a strange, massive, triangle shaped “object” captured in a video by NASA’s STEREO-B spacecraft, which with its twin is parked either side of the sun. This time, NASA’s been ticked off enough, probably by the constant barrage of phone calls and cover-up articles, to debunk it publically. Read More >>

Has NASA's Satellite Captured an Unidentified Object Near Mercury?

A camera onboard NASA's STEREO A satellite seems to have captured video of an unknown object that looks like an actual spaceship. The unknown object appeared when a Sun's coronal mass ejection (CME) reached planet Mercury. Watch the video and judge by yourself. Read More >>


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