Microsoft Should Spin Off Xbox and Bing Search According to Paul Allen's Team

Not exactly the advice Microsoft wants to receive as it gears up for its huge Xbox One launch, but the financial team behind a major stockholder is urging the Windows company to refocus its efforts on B2B clients. Someone send in the Master Chief! Read More >>

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Watch Bawling Ballmer's Emotional Farewell to Microsoft

Steve Ballmer has (almost!) left the building! The outgoing Microsoft CEO held his final meeting as head of the Redmond company last week. Many a tear was shed, and many a classic pop tune was played. Watch its emotional conclusion in the clip above. [The Verge] Read More >>

"I've Had the Time of my Life": Steve Ballmer's Teary Farewell to Microsoft

It's the end of an era for Microsoft, with larger-than-life CEO Steve Ballmer bidding an emotional farewell to a huge gathering of employees at his final company meeting as top dog in Redmond. And boy, did he pick some banging tunes to go out on! Read More >>

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Will Retire in the Next Year

Microsoft just announced that its CEO, Steve Ballmer, will retire within the next 12 months. He'll remain in his current position until Microsoft finds his replacement. Read More >>

The President of Windows Steven Sinofsky Is Out at Microsoft

In another big shake up of powerful tech executives, Steven Sinofsky, the President of the Windows Division at Microsoft, is out. AllThingsD is reporting that Sinofsky is leaving amidst "growing tension between Sinofsky and other top executives". He was once seen as the heir apparent at Microsoft, someone who could possibly become CEO. Read More >>

Ballmer Says Surface Sales "Modest"; We Say Crap

Ah, poor Microsoft. Despite ad campaigns and pop-up stores galore, it doesn't look like Microsoft's first big play into the hardware market has paid off in the first week. Even Steve Ballmer, the master of big optimistic predictions, is calling Surface sales "modest". Read More >>

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Steve Ballmer Has Gotten Much, Much Better at Microsoft Ads

This is Steve Ballmer, 2012, pitching Windows Phone 8 with serenity, emotion, and conviction. It’s pretty good! Read More >>

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer Says "Let There Be More Hardware"

While Surface might not be the Windows tablet saviour many were clamouring for, Microsoft's chief Steve Ballmer told the Beeb that more hardware will be on the way to set a "new standard" in "important opportunities". So, does that mean more hardware that can double as skateboards? Read More >>

Translating Steve Ballmer's Letter to Microsoft Into Real Talk

Steve Ballmer wrote a letter to Microsoft shareholders last night about the future of Microsoft and to update them on how much money they're printing with Office and the Enterprise market. The letter is mostly a bore fest, but Ballmer points Microsoft's future towards devices. Meaning, Microsoft believes in making actual stuff. Read More >>

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Steve Ballmer Hints At Surface Pricing

We're well into tablet season with the release of the new Kindles and the almost certain release of the iPad Mini next month, but Microsoft's Surface is in the game too, though we know quite little about it. In an interview with the Seattle Times, CEO Steve Ballmer was kind enough to mention the "sweet spot" for Surface pricing. Unfortunately it's 500 dollars-wide. Read More >>

Microsoft Said "Surface" a Bajillion Times Last Night

While watching last night's Microsoft keynote, we couldn't help but notice just how many times "Surface" was repeated. No, seriously; here's every single one of them. Read More >>

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Steve Ballmer Binned His Office Phone in Favour of 80-Inch Windows 8 Tablet/Wallcovering

Reports coming out of Microsoft hint at a big future for Windows 8 tablets, in terms of physical size at least, with one MS man claiming boss Steve Ballmer uses an 80-inch Win8 tablet that's become the centre of the angry man's entire work life. And we might even be able to buy it. Read More >>

Steve Ballmer: 500 Million People Will Have Windows 8 by 2013

The man at Microsoft's helm, Steve Ballmer, is an optimistic guy. So optimistic, in fact, that he plans for a significant proportion of the world's population to be using Windows 8 by the end of 2013. Read More >>

Steve Ballmer: One Giant Misunderstanding of a Man

Microsoft's in the middle of an attempted renaissance, and leading the way is ol' sweatstains himself, Steve Ballmer. Ashlee Vance at Businessweek has a nice, sprawling feature that's as much about the tongue-wagging chrome dome as it is about the company he leads. Read More >>

Has Steve Ballmer Lost The Support Of Microsoft Employees?

An unhappy side of Microsoft's corporate environment was potentially exposed in the comments of a blog post written by an unnamed employee. The post details the company's annual meeting and while the content is tame, some of the feedback is scathing. Read More >>


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