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This New TV Spot For Jobs Shows Ashton Kutcher Can Actually Act

By now we've seen the trailers and watched the behind-the-scenes clip and learned all about the method acting and all that, but what we haven't done is really figured out if Ashton Kutcher can really be Steve Jobs. Brace yourselves, folks: He's pretty good. Read More >>

New Jobs Behind-the-Scenes Clip: Ashton Can Definitely Act Like Steve

Waiting for the new Jobs flick has been a rollercoaster of managed expectations for Apple fans. Is it going to suck? How can actor-bro Ashton Kutcher possibly play a legend? This latest clip has got me feeling more excited than ever about this tribute piece. Read More >>

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Of Course They Made an Instagram Trailer for Jobs

Here's one of those things you'd always think was a joke but turned out to be real — the filmmakers behind Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs movie have made an Instagram trailer. Read More >>

Apple Wants to Redesign Your Car's Dashboard

While all the fanboys were freaking out over a font change in iOS 7 on Tuesday morning, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a patent that could dramatically reshape how the inside of your car looks (and works) in a few years. Read More >>

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Here's the First Ashton-Packed Trailer For jOBS

No, it's not the first Steve Jobs movie to make it out, but it's the first one to take it seriously. And so far, it doesn't look half bad. We'll have to wait and see how the whole thing holds up, but colour us hopeful. If nothing else, Ashton Kutcher can be a total dead-ringer for the guy. Read More >>

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Wozniak on Jobs's Biopic: "Young Steve Wasn't a Saint"

The first trailer of the incoming Steve Jobs' biopic starring Ashton Kutcher is here. I asked Steve Wozniak, close friend of Steve Jobs and Apple co-founder about it. Here's what he said: Read More >>

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Steve Jobs Explains How Every Tech Innovation Will Be Lost to History

It's amazing the way a nice piece of tech can radically change the world over just a few years. Just a few decades ago, everything changed when we started putting computers in homes, and it changed again when we started putting them in pockets. But regardless of how revolutionary these innovations are, they're gone incredibly fast. It's a poignant observation, and who could have put it better than Steve Jobs. Read More >>

What Apple Should Steal from China's Steve Jobs

Slapped on the front page of Wednesday's New York Times Business page was a picture of Steve Jobs, resurrected. It's clearly taken at a new product launch where a black-shirted, blue-jeaned CEO stands confident and alone on stage. But there's something off. The product description is in Mandarin. The CEO is wearing Converse, not New Balance. Oh, and Steve Jobs is dead. Read More >>

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The Price-Fixing Email That Steve Jobs Sent to James Murdoch

As part of the ongoing Apple e-book price fixing investigation by the Department of Justice, a new email sent from Steve Jobs to James Murdoch has come to light. Read More >>

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You Can Watch Funny or Die's Steve Jobs Movie iSteve Right Now

You can now watch the peculiar Funny or Die Steve Jobs movie iSteve. The 78 minute flick starring Justin Long as Steve Jobs was the third Steve Jobs biopic announced, but the first to see a release. I think there's an award for that or something. You can watch the full length movie at Funny or Die here. [Funny or Die via 9to5Mac] Read More >>

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Here's the Trailer for iSteve, Funny or Die's Steve Jobs Biopic

Last month Funny or Die announced that it was making a Steve Jobs biopic all of its own, called iSteve—and now the trailer has landed for you to watch. Read More >>

Steve Jobs Approved iPhone 5 and the Next iPhone Design

Quotes from an Apple employee claim that the legendary Mr Jobs managed to have an input in the design on the iPhone 5 and whatever mobile hardware Apple launches this year, with a company liaison officer saying the design of the phones "preceded" the arrival of Tim Cook as boss. Read More >>

Yes, There's a Steve Jobs Manga Comic Strip

We've had the book, the movie, and even the action figure, but for some people, that's not enough mediums to capture the essence of Jobs. No, some people need a manga comic strip to do that. Read More >>

Tiny Steve Jobs: The Review

Outside of a few close employees, a couple fawning reporters, and his obsequious biographer, few people ever knew Steve Jobs, what with his being an antisocial tyrant. But now, you can own him. Or at least a tiny, unsettlingly realistic miniature computer genius version of him. But should you? Is it moral? Is it good? Read More >>

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Following Steve Jobs' Insane Fruit Diet Put Ashton Kutcher in the Hospital

Ashton Kutcher, method actor, truly goes the distance to capture the essence of a character. In the case of portraying Steve Jobs for the upcoming indie flick jOBS, Kutcher put himself on a diet of strictly fruits, nuts, and seeds, mimicking Jobs 'fruitarian' lifestyle. Read More >>


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