Jobs's Death "Best Opportunity to Attack iPhone," Wrote Samsung Exec

The longrunning legal battle between Apple and Samsung has certainly had its low points, but an internal email unearthed by CNET sent by a Samsung executive just five days after Steve Jobs's death sheds new light on just how callous the competition got. In this case, the subject was how to leverage the death of Steve Jobs to Samsung's benefit. Read More >>

How Steve Jobs's Passion Shaped Pixar Into an Oscar-Winning Studio

While Apple was Steve Jobs's first professional love, the Pixar animation studio that he helped foster was far more than a mere pet project. As Pixar President Ed Catmull explains in his upcoming book, Creativity Inc, Jobs's involvement with the studio proved a revolutionary experience for both parties. Here's a brief look at the Steve Jobs most people never got to see. Read More >>

Original iPhone Engineer Outlines Apple Phone Development Hell

Apple software engineer Greg Christie has gone on record about the pain suffered by the original iPhone development team, revealing that the "shockingly small" group was constantly battered by a demanding Steve Jobs, who at one stage gave the crew two weeks to come up with something better or face the shame of seeing the project handed over to others. Read More >>

Report: Christian Bale Could Star in the Good Steve Jobs Biopic

Still bummed about Ashton Kutcher's I-kinda-look-like-the-guy big screen portrayal of Steve Jobs? Well hang tight, as Hollywood's cinematic Bat-Signal for a Real Actor has been answered. Christian Bale is being rumoured to take on the role in the upcoming, Aaron Sorkin-penned, project. Read More >>

Norman Foster on Apple's HQ: Over 1,000 Bikes, Four-Storey Glass Doors

Spaceship Apple is freaking huge: A 2.8 million square-foot orb on a 176-acre parcel serving 12,000 employees in oh-so-suburban Cupertino. While talking to Architectural Record, architect Norman Foster defended the headquarter's massive size and weird shape, and revealed some intriguing new details. Read More >>

What Do You Think About Apple HQ's Official Steve Jobs Statue?

Of the over 10,000 entries submitted, Apple has officially chosen this piece, created by Belgrade sculptor Dragan Radenović, to commemorate and remember Steve Jobs who lost his battle with cancer almost two and a half years ago. Read More >>

Steve Jobs's Lisa Mouse Found Inside Long-Lost Time Capsule

Time capsules are all well and good, but if you set a date on which to dig one up and review its contents, you'd better hope you'd made a good map of where you left it first. He may have been a visionary, but it's one oversight Apple's Steve Jobs made. Read More >>

Is Steve Wozniak Trolling by Suggesting Apple Should Make an Android Phone?

Though still a staunch Apple supporter, Steve Wozniak isn't afraid to critique the company he once helped to form. And sometimes his suggestions can be a little outlandish. Such as suggesting Apple should make an Android phone. Read More >>

Apple is Probably Going to Run a Sequel to its "1984" Ad During the Super Bowl

30 years ago, the Los Angeles Raiders were slaughtering the Washington Redskins at halftime in SuperBowl XVIII, when America was stopped in it's tracks by a gal with an Brigitte Nielsen haircut and a hammer, running towards the screen. Read More >>

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Watch Steve Jobs Show Off the Mac in Footage Unseen Since 1984

Thirty years ago the landscape of personal computing was vastly different. That is to say, it hardly existed. Footage of the Mac's initial unveil is out there, but this second, more polished run—a presentation for the Boston Computer Society—hasn't been available since the event itself back on January 30th 1984. Read More >>

Happy 30th Birthday Macintosh, the Controversial World-Changer

Today is a very special day for a very special computer. This is the computer that started it all, the device that changed everything, the very thing that kicked off the era of the personal computer. Happy 30th birthday, Macintosh. It's been quite a trip. Read More >>

Twitter Co-Founder Joins Disney, People Bring Up Steve Jobs For Some Reason

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has taken up a new position with Disney -- highlighting the film giant's ambitions to move into the technology sector. Yet for some reason, people keep talking about Steve Jobs. Read More >>

Steve Jobs' Biography Has Started Screaming at People When Opened...

Or at least that's what this run of Amazon reviews would have you believe. Could the former Apple head-honcho be trying to deliver a message from beyond the grave? Is he still struggling with Siri's voice recognition systems? Or does the book too suffer from the iPhone 4's "death grip"? Read More >>

The Inside Story of How the iPad Got Its Iconic Design

While Jony Ive's group was secretly working on the iPad, Steve Jobs was telling the public and press that Apple had no intention of releasing a tablet. “Tablets appeal to rich guys with plenty of other PCs and devices already,” he said publicly. But Jobs was dissembling. “Steve never lost his desire to do a tablet,” said Phil Schiller. In fact, while Jony’s design team was developing the iPhone, they were also actively working on tablets. Jobs was just waiting for the right time to bring a tablet to market. Read More >>

Steve Jobs Was a Sex-Mad Bully, and Thought Himself a Reincarnated Fighter Pilot...

The mastermind behind the iPad, the iPhone and Apple's general rise to technological dominance, the late Steve Jobs is hailed in the industry as a visionary. That's not how his ex-girlfriend and mother of his first child Chrisann Brennan remembers him though, describing the former Apple CEO as being "positively despotic". Read More >>

More Steve Jobs Action Figures Are On Their Way

Ah the second anniversary of someone's death. The biography is a bestseller. The movie with Ashton Kutcher is out. The mourning process is on its natural course. But one more thing has to happen: new action figures. Sure, there may be a model from February, but that was then and this is now. Enter the "Steve Jobs 2nd Anniversary Tribute Action Figures." Read More >>


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