Gasp! Microsoft's Former Windows Chief Uses an iPhone

Just a few short months after leaving Microsoft, the former head of Windows Steven Sinofsky has been busted for firing off some of his tweets from — HOLD THE HANDSET — an iPhone. Traitor! Read More >>

Report: Steve Ballmer Fired Steven Sinofsky

When Steven Sinofsky's departure from Microsoft came out, it was framed by Microsoft in a way that implied he might have just left, or that that was at least a possibility. Now, ExtremeTech is reporting that was not the case; Sinofsky was straight-up fired by Ballmer. Read More >>

The President of Windows Steven Sinofsky Is Out at Microsoft

In another big shake up of powerful tech executives, Steven Sinofsky, the President of the Windows Division at Microsoft, is out. AllThingsD is reporting that Sinofsky is leaving amidst "growing tension between Sinofsky and other top executives". He was once seen as the heir apparent at Microsoft, someone who could possibly become CEO. Read More >>

Meet the Next CEO of Microsoft: Steven Sinofsky Is the Heir Apparent

It was summer 2009. Microsoft had just shipped the final code for Windows 7 to PC manufacturers, who had begun burning it onto the tens of millions of new computers that would ship that Christmas. It should have been a triumphant moment for Steven Sinofsky. Read More >>

Why Microsoft Chose Windows 8 Over Courier

Cnet is delving further into the death of the Microsoft Courier, looking at the differences between Steven Sinoksky and J Allard, who ran the Windows 8 and Courier projects respectively. Read More >>


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