"World's Smallest" USB Stick Squeezes 64GB into a Tiny Silvery Peanut

This tiny USB stick is the K'1, a miniature USB 3.0 dongle designed to be left permanently plugged into your sleek ultrabook or clunky old laptop to compliment its groaning onboard storage space. You won't notice it's there. Or snap it off. Read More >>

MicroUSB Stick is the Answer to Phone/Tablet Transfer Woes

Tech company Leef heard you liked putting files on your USB stick, so it put a USB connector on your USB connector so you can transfer files via USB. Micro and standard USB connectors on the same device, in fact, so you can get stuff off your phone without using a cable and computer. Read More >>

Bask In The Glow Of The Solar System With These Planet-Inspired Candles

Melding past with present, the Teluria Candelabra's designers were inspired by the tellurian, a centuries old device that used the earth, moon, and sun's rotations to visualise the seasons. Designed by Note Design Studio for Klong, the creators intend for their candelabra to visualise the "cause of night and day, solar and lunar eclipses, and the phases of the moon." Read More >>

Wii U Controller Updated With Analogue Sticks, Still Resembles a Bizarre Hybrid of Everything

What on earth is this, Nintendo? Am I supposed to stand on it? Sit on it? Play badminton with it or ride it down a hill like a go-kart? It's the latest image showing a redesigned Wii U controller, hinting rather clearly that Nintendo's going to lose a whole lot more money over the next few years thanks to this abomination. Read More >>

Can You Believe the Sticks on This Guy's Face Are Actually Bugs?

Hey crazy people, don't you ever stop being crazy. Even though I don't understand you, you give me so much joy. Like this guy! Look how happy he is! Happy to have his face covered with a bunch of stick bugs. Read More >>


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