The Most Painful Places to Get Stung by a Bee

You've probably got a bee sting at some point in your life, but have you ever had a bee sting on your testicles? Well, one Cornell grad did, and it sent him off on a journey to find out once and for all the worst places on your body to get stung by a bee. And he decided to test the whole thing out... on himself. Read More >>

Why the FBI Ran a Child Porn Site for Two Whole Weeks

Last November, the FBI raided a bulletin board-style site that was known to be a home of child pornography. But rather than shutting it down, they decided to keep it running — and see just how many users they could identify. Read More >>

Undercover Cops Are Selling iPhones On The Street To Get People To Stop Buying Stolen iPhones

In San Francisco, police are using a new tactic to disincentive people from buying stolen iPhones: they're trapping them in undercover stings. Wearing plain clothes, the officers are going around certain city areas and selling iPhones which they readily indicate are stolen. When someone tries to buy one, they make an arrest. Read More >>

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Watch Bilbo Get His Hands on Sting in This Latest Hobbit Sneak Peak

The Hobbit trailer train has well and truly left the station. But, now we're getting clips taken straight from the movie, including this one where Bilbo gets gifted his famous blue-glowing Elvish blade, Sting. Something tells me he's going to need it. Time to slice and dice. [TheFilmStage via TotalFilm] Read More >>

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Sting's iPad App Cost 'In the Low Seven-Figures' to Develop

Ouch. Sting's free iPad app celebrating 25 years of squawking, apparently cost in the millions of dollars to make. The app combines music, concert footage, photographs and video, with a recording of Sting's October performance in the New York Beacon Theatre. Read More >>


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