Netflix Has a Whopping 76,897 Ways to Describe Movies

So it's a lazy day and you just wanna watch a movie on Netflix. But what kind of movie? Perhaps a "visually striking Latin American comedy?" Maybe a "critically-acclaimed emotional underdog movie?" Suddenly, you're locked in option paralysis, and as The Atlantic figured out the hard way, you've got a ridiculous 76,897 unique genres to blame. Read More >>

Netflix User Profiles Are Finally Here and This Is How They Work

Today, Netflix started rolling out the user profiles we've been hearing about. Huzzah, you can finally share an account with your roommate without your feed getting carpet-bombed by episodes of Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Read More >>

Report: Google Wants to Make a Streaming Television Service

The Wall Street Journal reports unnamed sources that say Google has approached big media companies about licensing TV shows for a streaming television service it wants to launch. Intel and Apple have also been working on similar services. Read More >>

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What About Apple TV?

Monday, Apple put on one heck of a show. We got a snazzy new version of iOS 7, one big wave of an OS X update, and even a preview of the next Mac Pros. But where was all the news about Apple TV? Apple is seemingly ignoring the enormous potential of its set-top-box. Read More >>

YouTube Channels You Have to Pay for Are Here

Pay-to-view YouTube channels have been rumoured in some form or another for a while, and payments themselves certainly aren't new to Google's video service. You've been able to pay for video rentals and season subscriptions since last year. Read More >>

How Netflix Makes 3.14 Petabytes of Video Feel Like It's All for You

There's a great Netflix feature in Bloomberg Businessweek today, which details how the company delivers its enormous catalogue to 36 million customers without a hitch. It's more than impressive maths — it's almost a miracle. Read More >>

The PS3's Finally Got a YouTube App in the UK Now

I'm not sure what took it so damn long, considering America has had a native Google-made YouTube app for the PS3 since August last year, but it's finally here in the UK. Hit up the TV bit of your XMB to download it, and login via a separate sign-in page on another device. The app looks pretty slick, but will only play videos up to 720p, which is a bit lame. Better late than never, though. [PlayStation Blog] Read More >>

The New H.265 Video Format Helps Chew Up Video So Networks Can Swallow It

Streaming video is the future. Well, it's the present, but the future too. And as resolutions increase, it's going to be a tougher and tougher proposition to pipe all that data to your screen of choice in a timely fashion. Fortunately, the new H.265 standard has been approved by the ITU and it's here to help. Read More >>

Netflix Will Finally Publish What You Watch on Your Facebook Timeline

This week, the House of Representatives and the Senate both passed a Netflix-endorsed measure amending the 1988 Video Privacy Protection Act aka the Bork Law. Assuming President Obama rubber stamps the amendment, Netflix will offer you the option of publishing information about what you're watching on Facebook—something it already does in scores of other countries. Read More >>

5 Features iTunes 11 Still Needs

iTunes 11 is the best thing to happen to Apple's media hub in a long time. But while the cosmetic changes are nice, there are still plenty of underlying problems with iTunes that need to be addressed. At its core, iTunes is still just a shopping mall with a snazzy jukebox attached. But it could be so much more. Read More >>

Why the GALAXY Note II is the Ultimate Video Streamer

The Samsung GALAXY Note II has a couple of features that make it an incredible video streamer. The most noticeable, and one of the phone's key selling points, is its eye-popping 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display. Read More >>

Roku Search Finds the Video You Want No Matter Where It's Hiding

Roku Search is a new one-stop tool that helps you find the content you want to watch across the many streaming services available on the set-top box. This new centralised search is an obvious addition that makes Roku more useful. Bravo. Read More >>

The New Slingbox 350 and Slingbox 500 Stream Video at 1080p and Look Weird As Hell

We spotted them a week ago but the new Slingbox 350 and Slingbox 500 are finally official and they're just as weirdly designed as we expected. Both Slingboxes can stream video to your phone, tablet or computer at 1080p, with the 500 adding built-in Wi-Fi and HDMI and both Slingboxes will spice up your living room. Read More >>

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Vimeo Has Just Reminded Me Why It's My Favourite Video Site

Giz's favourite video site, Vimeo, has just had the biggest lick of paint yet, hammering home the fact it's definitely the best place to find all those crazy timelapse videos and other arty concepty vids. Plus lots of cat videos. Lots and lots of 'em. Read More >>

SeeSaw Catch-Up Streamer Put Out to Pasture

SeeSaw, the evolution of the once fateful joint BBC, ITV and Channel 4 venture, Project Kangaroo, has shuttered after investment in June this year failed to save the troubled company. Read More >>

Britons Love Lady Gaga Videos the Most

YouTube viewing figures show that music videos are a hit with the UK public and that of all the artists, Lady Gaga is our favourite. Read More >>


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