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It's Official: People Love Streaming More Than DVDs

By Sam Gibbs on at

Confirming what pretty much everyone already knew, streaming is officially more popular than renting discs, at least according to LoveFilm. Having gone big with its LoveFilm Instant in the battle with Netflix, streams are now the most popular way people consume stuff from the Amazon-owned company eclipsing DVDs, Blu-rays and games combined.

Sky's Launching a New PAYG Internet TV Service in the UK Called Now TV

By Sam Gibbs on at

Sky’s really been pushing its brands online with Sky Go and even companion apps like the Sky Sports iPad app that sports “Race Control” for F1. Now it’s going the whole hog and has unveiled a brand new IPTV service called Now TV that’ll launch later this year for non-Sky subscribers. It’ll apparently give you instant access to some of Sky’s most popular content on a hopefully cheaper, pay-as-you-go tariff.

Netflix and LoveFilm Added to UK Movie Competition Probe

By Gary Cutlack on at

The arrival of Netflix in the UK and the growth of rival LoveFilm on the film delivery scene could help BSkyB out of its current fix with the Competition Commission, which has asked for more time to consider competitiveness in the UK's broadcasting world thanks to the new streaming upstarts.