Google Street View Accidentally Made an Algorithm That Cracks CAPTCHAs

House numbers on Google Street View can turn up as blobby, blurry things, so its engineers built a pretty crazy neural network to decipher them. Except this algorithm also turns out to be very very good at deciphering other blobby, blurry texts—like CAPTCHAs, which it cracks with 99 per cent accuracy. Read More >>

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Angkor Wat Might be the Prettiest Street View Yet

Angkor Wat, Cambodia, is the latest addition to Google Maps' already considerable portfolio of beautiful places you can explore using Street View. It's one of the most stunning places on the entire planet, and Google stepped up its game accordingly. Read More >>

This is What Happened When Google Raced Top Gear in a Street View Car

Street View cars may be packed with technology, but how do they do on a race track? This video shows what happened when the guys at Google decided to go race the folks at Top Gear. Read More >>

Google Street View Uses an Insane Neural Network to ID House Numbers

Google Street View is brilliant. It finds us when we're lost, it shows us where we are, it reveals places we'll never get to visit, and so on and so forth. But you know what's even more amazing? The crazy neural network that Street View is built on. Read More >>

Now Everyone Can Contribute to Google Street View

Google's Street View is slowly covering more and more of the world's surface, but it still has holes. Now though, you can help fill them—and all you need is an Android phone or DSLR. Read More >>

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Meet the Wildlife Inadvertently Captured By Google's Street View Cameras

As part of National Geographic's new Great Nature project, the magazine has collected more than 100,000 photographs that capture the world's biodiversity, and some of them hail from very unusual sources. Case in point: An album 'curated' by Google Maps, which collects wildlife accidentally captured by Google Street View. Read More >>

Google's Street View Cams Capture Galapagos Islands' Magical Giant Tortoises

It's probably not that hard to take photographs of giant tortoises, seeing as they sort of sit there munching all day, but still. It's easier to look at them through Street View than it is to get to the Galapagos islands, so here they are, on your computer, thanks to Google. Read More >>

You Can Now Explore the Galapagos Islands With Google Street View

The Galapagos are some of the most biodiverse places on the planet, and it was key in Charles Darwin's findings in forming the the scientific argument of evolution. You may never get to travel to the volcanic archipelago in person, but now thanks to Google, you can explore it through 360 degree imagery on Street View. Read More >>

Spy on Pandas Not Having Sex in Google's Street View Zoo Images

Google's roving backpackers have spent the last few months productively visiting zoos and wildlife parks around the world, with a selection of high-profile animal prisons now available for viewing inside its Street View panorama tool. Read More >>

Google Street View Tech to Map the UK's Canals

Our famous old waterways will soon be appearing on Google's Street View virtual holiday system, thanks to a deal to provide the UK's Canal & River Trust with its portable mapping backpacks. Read More >>

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This is Why Google's Awesome: Google Maps Has the Best Dr Who Easter Egg Ever

Did you know the TARDIS was located on Earl's Court Road in London? No, neither did I. But Google spotted it, and seemingly drove its Street View car right on in there. Check out this wicked Easter egg and take a trip inside Dr Who's amazing time machine. Read More >>

Google Mashes Street View and Google+ Together for Tour de France Action Cam

Google's put together a very technically impressive web experience celebrating the Tour de France, giving you (a bit of) an idea of what the stages look like from a rider's perspective. Read More >>

You Can Apply to Use Google's Street View Backpack Now

If you've always fancied mapping out an obscure part of the globe, it could be your lucky day: you can now apply to use Google's Street View backpack. Read More >>

Take a Gander at the Awesome Street View From the Top of the World's Tallest Building

Google's taken its Street View gear to the top of the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest man-made structure in Dubai, nicknamed the vertical city. Needless to say, the vista is amazing. Check out this insane view. Read More >>

ICO: Google Must Delete Wi-Fi Slurp Data in 35 Days or Else

How Google's managed to escape a fine over its gobbling of Wi-Fi data by its fleet of Street View cars in the UK, I have no idea. But the Information Commissioner's Office has given the search giant 35 days to eradicate all traces of the amassed data or face criminal charges. Read More >>

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Whoa, Did Google Maps Just Reveal a Bloody Gruesome Murder?

Google Maps, the all seeing eye that can find naked pranksters, possible donkey hit and runs and other more serious crimes, may have just stumbled upon a bloody crime scene. The image shows what looks to be two people dragging a corpse and leaving a bloody trail on a pier. Read More >>


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