Old and New London Sandwiched Together as 1800s Maps Meet Satellite Photos

The National Library of Scotland has poked its nose south of the border to build a clever mapping tool that charts the history of London, letting viewers peel away time like the layers of a rotten onion to see how the city's streets have changed over the years. Read More >>

Watch Your Step: London's Pavements Are Literally Exploding Beneath Our Feet

It seems our streets are no longer safe. But it's not the muggers and murderers we have to worry about, it's the pavements themselves. Read More >>

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What Happens When You Leave a Piano on the Street?

Heartbreak, that's what happens. The video, made by Anthony Sherin, captures the life of a piano left on the streets of New York City. It starts out nicely, people play a few notes, others join in and then... it gets ransacked and stripped to shreds. The saddest part is when a couple comes with dollies hoping to move the piano. The life and death of the mean streets, all in 24 hours. This is why we can't have good things. [NY Times via Neatorama] Read More >>

These Photos Were Amazingly Taken from Street Puddles

I'm either on drugs or these photos were somehow taken from the reflection of puddles in the street. It may be both. But! It's certainly the latter. Ira Fox, the photographer, created the photo series Reflections by cruising the streets of New York and snapping pics of people who can be seen in reflections off the puddles. Read More >>


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