Lancaster Uni Plans Spot Fines for Drunk Students

There's a sense of unease among student drinkers at Lancaster University's Lonsdale College, where university bosses have announced plans for a £200 spot fine for drunkenness along with a £250 fine for being seen buying a drink for someone who's clearly already a bit far gone. Read More >>

Police Filmed Trying to Recruit Cambridge Student as Undercover Supergrass

Cambridge police have been rumbled trying to spy on the "student-union type stuff" that goes on within Cambridge University, after a student secretly filmed a policeman trying to recruit him to grass on his political student friends. Read More >>

The Good News is Students are Reading Their Books; the Bad News is They're Pirating Loads of 'em

Research into the piracy of digital coursework books for students has found that levels of illegal sharing are ridiculously high, with nearly three-quarters of the educational ebooks researchers looked for easily discoverable on file-sharing networks. Read More >>

A Trip to Mars Will Turn Astronauts Into Lazy Students

While you've been out living your life in the sunshine and open air, scientists watched as six men willingly spent 520 days locked in windowless, steel tubes inside a Moscow warehouse. Results: this group, once cream of the astronaut crop, morphed into sluggish, unmotivated dudes. Read More >>

YouTube is Top "Brand" Among the Students -- Greggs Only 19th

Google's online video sharing service has been voted the top international brand by the UK youth, with a representative sample of the nation's 18 to 24-year-olds picking it ahead of the likes of Apple, Facebook and the rest of the fashionable online crowd. Read More >>

Record Labels Are Paying Students to Narc on Students Who Pirate Music

If you're still pirating music, stop. It's illegal and wrong and stealing and bad and yadda yadda. But it's also dangerous because you don't even know who you can trust anymore. There is no honor amongst thieves, record labels are using a task force of students to hunt down other students who pirate music. Read More >>

An Amazing Student Was Caught with a 35-Foot Long Cheat Sheet Filled with 25,000 Answers

If you've cheated in school, you've probably scribbled test answers on an eraser, passed notes with a friend, glanced at your classmate's test or even made a cheat sheet. You never, however, cheated like this amazing student. He's taken cheating to an entirely different level: A 35-foot long cheat sheet with 25,000 answers. Read More >>

Sesame Street Wants To Make Math and Science Fun Again

Admit it, most of us learned the letter C from the Cookie Monster's iconic "C is for Cookie" song. But today's kids - they have it better. They're getting some Mythbusters along with their early morning fill of Big Bird. Read More >>


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