Man Shows Why Trying to Jump Through a Frozen Swimming Pool Is Such a Bad Idea

We're not entirely sure what was running through this chap's peanut before he jumped. There are only two possible outcomes to this particular stunt: 1) your body breaks through the ice, leaving you trapped under the frozen ceiling, unable to breathe while you search desperately for the entry hole; or 2) you hit the rock hard ice with your arse, pretty much ensuring a fractured pelvis. Sounds like a lose-lose situation to me. But each to their own. [YouTube] Read More >>

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Real Lasers on Actual Sharks

Last week, a company called Wicked Lasers promised to attach lasers to sharks if enough people Liked the idea on Facebook. They did. It happened. It is awesome. Read More >>

This is How Terrifying It is to Fly in an Airplane Stunt Team

When man created GoPro cameras, this is what he intended them to be used for. This video shows the amazing Black Diamond Jet Team in training — and if you're scared of flying, it might be best not to watch it. Read More >>


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