Chessington Poo: World of Adventures Begins Selling Rhino Dung on eBay

There are souvenirs, and then there are souvenirs. If you fell in love with Chessington World of Adventures' rhinos the last time you visited the theme park's zoo, head over to eBay; there, for a reasonable £9.99, you can pick up a bag of genuine rhino poo, straight from the park. Perfect for a long weekend full of gardening (and testing the effectiveness of any nose pegs you may have lying around). Read More >>

Pepsi Max Stunt Makes for the Scariest Bus Shelter Wait Ever

You wait all morning for a bus, then a tiger, an alien invasion and a sewer-dwelling tentacle monster all come along at once. Read More >>

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We Don't Care That This Daring Yacht Photo is Just Hugo Boss, Trying to Flog More Suits

Despite the obvious ploy from Hugo Boss to shift more suits and sunglasses, these photos showing British yachtsman Alex Thomson scaling the 100ft mast of his yacht, which was tilted to a 60-degree angle at the time, are pretty incredible. Read More >>

Booze Drones Approved by Alcoholic Aviation Authority

As well as sandwiches and whatever you buy off Amazon, one beer maker has outlined a future in which drones deliver beer via the sky. Brewer Lakemaid produced a YouTube clip apparently showing a drone with enough grunt to lift a box of beers, a concept that could see our daily litre of vodka flown in while letting us avoid the intimidating and judgemental off licence youths. [YouTube via The Register] Read More >>

Doc Brown, Tony Hawk, and Even Moby Want HUVr Corp's Hoverboard to be Made Real

It's got Tony Hawk's endorsement, it's got Moby's endorsement. It's even got bloody Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd, giving it the thumbs up. Has the HUVr Corp finally made Back to the Future's hoverboard a reality? No, of course not. Read More >>

Sony's Latest Waterproof MP3 Player is Sold Inside a Filled Water Bottle

The MP3 player, and by extension Sony's Walkman brand, has been dying a slow death since the rise of the smartphone made a standalone music device seem a bit quaint. But this latest marketing stunt by Sony is the smartest way to show off its waterproof player's best feature. Read More >>

Online Campaign Backs Unlikely Frontrunner in Race to Find New Face of JD Sports

You've probably seen similar competitions before, tasking wannabe models with drumming up support over social media platforms in order to bag a role as the hot new face of a big brand. But an online campaign to find JD Sports' "Face of 2014" doesn't look like its set to pan out how the sportswear retailer had hoped. Read More >>

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Sewer-Dwelling Zombie Pranksters Give Pedestrians the Fright of Their Lives

"Adverpranks" are a thing now, it seems. Following in the footsteps of the Carrie coffee shop girl and LG's elevator prank is this new fright-fest to promote the concluding episodes of the latest season of The Walking Dead. Read More >>

Fortune Telling Chopsticks Predict Your Future but Not How Tasty Your Meal Will Be

It's the start of the Chinese New Year today (it's the Year of the Horse, for all you equestrian lovers out there), and to mark the occasion, Chinese restaurant chain Ping Pong has created a set of "Fortune Telling chopsticks". Read More >>

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This is the Craziest Video You'll Watch All Day

People sure like doing insane stuff in slow motion and uploading it to the web. YouTube user Luc Bergeron has done us all a favour and compiled this jaw-dropping video of some of the wildest clips going. Read More >>

The Biggest Celebrity Shill Failures in History

Today, Alicia Keys's highly successful year as BlackBerry's 'Creative Director' will fizzle to a disappointing end, only 12 months since she was announced alongside the equally-successful Z10 handset, and about 11 months since she was busted using an iPhone. In tribute to this momentous occasion, we lovingly submit this list of the worst-bombed celebrity schills in history. Read More >>

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Watch This Terrifying Devil Baby Freak Out Good Samaritans

What would you do if you came upon an abandoned stroller with a crying baby inside? You'd probably check to see if the infant was ok, right? Not after watching this prank you won't. The same team responsible for that wonderful telekinetic coffee shop freak out prank is back with an even more terrifying marketing stunt involving a possessed devil baby and a stroller with a mind of its own. Read More >>

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Gyaaaah! This DC-3 Is Flying WAY Too Low

You know you've been watching too much Top Gun when you find yourself skimming a few feet above the ground and mere inches above your camera in an antiquated aeroplane from the 1940's. Who exactly decided this was a good idea?
Details on this low-flying stunt are pretty slim save for the assurance by the clip's creator that it was performed "at a private air strip no one around for miles and there were no dogs cats are birds harmed in the making of this video." Well, seems they'd really thought this through before trying it. Read More >>

GAME Creates Tinned Christmas Dinner for Time-Pressed Console Owners

High street console specialist GAME has come up with a clever Christmas concept, creating what it calls the Christmas Tinner -- a full day's festive food in a can. So you can concentrate on pretending Knack, Ryse and the rest of the next-console launch games are any good without worrying about feeding yourself. Read More >>

Clowns Reappear in Norfolk and This Time They're Angry

Dressing up as a clown. It was funny for a bit, now it isn't any more but people are still doing it. If you want to see people hanging around in full clown costume like it's September of 2013 again, head off to King's Lynn, as there's been another small outbreak of fancy dress disease. Read More >>

The PS4 Stunt That Everyone's Talking About

Marketing stunts roll into our inboxes as fast as we can send them to our trash folders, but this one made me pause my cursor. Taking on the London skyline in a stunt that's anything but stock (cube, geddit?), Sony hijacked the OXO Tower's facade with PlayStation's famous symbols. Read More >>


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