Britain's Only Surviving WWII Submarine Has Been Turned Into This Awesome Living Museum

HMS Alliance, Britain's only surviving WWII-era submarine, has undergone a full modernisation to turn the old gal into a living museum, ready for the public to run amok in from this Thursday. Read More >>

A Fleet of Unpowered Submarines is About to Plumb the Ocean's Depths

Even though they cover two-third's of the planet's surface, we know precious little about how the oceans actually interact with the continents and atmosphere. What's more, our oceanic models are woefully incomplete—only capable of showing large areas with reduced resolution or in high detail over a limited area. But a new fleet of autonomous research submarines are about to rectify that problem. Read More >>

A Single Night of Sex on This Luxury Hotel Submarine Costs £175,000

Well here's a new option for the wealthy tourist who has seen it all. No, it's not a trip to space or a floating hotel room. It's a luxury submarine—an underwater palace fit for a Bond villain that can be yours for the weekend, but it will set you back a pretty penny. Read More >>

The US Navy Just Launched a Drone From a Submarine—While Underwater

If you thought launching a drone from an aircraft carrier was impressive, you're going to be blown away by this: After six years of development, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory has successfully launched a drone from a submerged submarine. Read More >>

This Island Holds the Decaying Remains of the Soviet Nuclear Fleet

Whereas most ruins of decades past are often strictly off-limits, Russia's Kildin island is a veritable petting zoo of the creepiest decaying military equipment you will ever get to see up close. Read More >>

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The Super-Secret "Research" Sub That Helped Win the Cold War

Quests for scientific knowledge and military superiority often go hand-in-hand. And nowhere is that more exemplified than in the US' nuclear-powered NR-1 research vessel. When it wasn't busy exploring the wonders of the deep ocean, its crew engaged the Soviet Union in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game of sub-sea espionage—much of which is veiled in secrecy even today. Read More >>

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You Don't Have to Enlist to Tour a 50-Year-Old Sub on Street View

Google Street View is slowly becoming the window to a world that most of us may never get to see in real life. And if you've already explored every last nook and cranny of CERN's Large Hadron Collider via Street View, you can now poke around the retired HMS Ocelot; a 50 year old retired Oberon-class submarine. Read More >>

This Giant Submarine Destroying a City Street Is Actually an Advert

Life is strange and unpredictable. Some things have to be seen to be believed, and even then it can be tough to trust your own peepers. Take Milan’s Piazza Mercanti, for instance. It recently became home to what appears to be a submarine bursting through the asphalt. Wait, what? Read More >>

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This Five Man Mini Sub Brings the Deep Ocean's Treasures Within Reach

In some ways, exploring the depths of the ocean is every bit as technically challenging as investigating the surface of Mars. In fact, we have a far more detailed understanding of the Red Planet than we do of what goes on under the sea. But this new, affordable manned submersible aims to open undersea exploration to everybody, not just the handful of wealthy nations that currently have the technology. Read More >>

DARPA Is Building a Submarine Mothership to Launch Drones From the Sea

Drones are nuts. After all, they're robotic war machines that kill on command. But the mad scientists at DARPA are working on something that's even more nuts: a submarine that can carry an assortment of drones around the sea and launch them into the air. That's nuts. Read More >>

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Through a Submarine Periscope Is the Best Way to View San Francisco

San Francisco is possibly one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but there's one unique perspective you probably haven't seen its vistas from—the periscope of a 1950's World War II-era submarine. Read More >>

Sixth-Form Student Builds Working Submarine: Possibly Wants to Defect

A sixth-form sub usually means your teacher's sick and you get a free period to screw around. But for one student, its meaning is a little more literal. Eighteen-year-old Justin Beckerman could be considered the reincarnation of Thomas Edison. In his brief life, Justin's created a remote controlled cleaning machine, a helmet home theatre, and now a fully functional one-man submarine that can dive as deep as thirty feet. It kind of puts your baking soda volcano to shame. Read More >>

For Just £1.5 Million You Can Have Your Own Underwater Plane

It's one thing to have your own submarine. It's another to have your own submarine that's an awesome jet. And for just £1.5 million that dream can come true with Spymaster's custom Orcasub. Read More >>

The First Images of the Ocean Beneath Antarctica

NASA's got all kinds of cred when it comes to space, but the very depths of our own planet's oceans aren't that much different. So who better to take a deep dive and drudge up the first images of the watery world beneath Antarctica's ancient glaciers? Read More >>

Searching for the Ocean's Secrets From the Last Undersea Base

Two days ago, in the ocean a few miles off Key Largo Florida, I watched a woman dive 20 feet down to a sandy bottom. Conch skittered across sea floor while fish pecked at a nearby reef. A Barracuda snuck up behind me and glittered as it passed by. Then, an odd thing happened. The woman on the sea floor stopped swimming, grasped her neck with both hands and a large cloud of air—it appeared to be an entire lung full—escaped from her bright yellow steel dive helmet. The bubbles scattered the fish. Then, the stream of air stopped entirely. Read More >>

Norway's Selling a Super Villain Starter Set

You can't very well take over the world from your parent's basement, now can you? No, a proper arch-nemesis needs a sufficiently intimidating hidden base. Luckily, Norway is selling off its defunct Olavsvern Naval Submarine Base for a £11.5 million pittance. Read More >>


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