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This Five Man Mini Sub Brings the Deep Ocean's Treasures Within Reach

In some ways, exploring the depths of the ocean is every bit as technically challenging as investigating the surface of Mars. In fact, we have a far more detailed understanding of the Red Planet than we do of what goes on under the sea. But this new, affordable manned submersible aims to open undersea exploration to everybody, not just the handful of wealthy nations that currently have the technology. Read More >>

The First Images of the Ocean Beneath Antarctica

NASA's got all kinds of cred when it comes to space, but the very depths of our own planet's oceans aren't that much different. So who better to take a deep dive and drudge up the first images of the watery world beneath Antarctica's ancient glaciers? Read More >>

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Sharks, Mini Submarines, and Fighter Jets -- Yep, GTA V's Gonna Be Awesome

Just before Christmas, Rockstar's released five more screens from GTA V to keep you salivating over your controller. If you were in any doubt that the latest open-world pedestrian-squishing romp was going to be awesome, this should crush that. Jets, subs, and sharks -- what more could you want? Read More >>

Norway's Selling a Super Villain Starter Set

You can't very well take over the world from your parent's basement, now can you? No, a proper arch-nemesis needs a sufficiently intimidating hidden base. Luckily, Norway is selling off its defunct Olavsvern Naval Submarine Base for a £11.5 million pittance. Read More >>

Chinese Drones Will Evolve New Sub Hunting Methods on the Fly

China's new fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's) could reportedly find use as an autonomous, ship-launched defense against submarines. And, according to a paper published in the journal Advanced Materials Research, the UAV's will use genetic algorithms to spot the subs faster. Read More >>


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