BBC Boss Wants iPlayer Freeloaders to Prove They Have a TV Licence

People who avoid having a licence fee in order to do all their BBC watching on iPlayer should still be required to pay the charge, says director general Tony Hall, hinting that a PIN-protected iPlayer for fee-payers only may be on the cards. Read More >>

BBC Trust Stresses Over YouView Subscriptions and Sky Channel Listing Fees

The BBC's core concept of providing free-to-air TV is being eroded by platforms like YouView, with the BBC Trust concerned that commercial companies are using the BBC's content as a way of convincing viewers to take out subscriptions. Read More >>

Save a Few Quid With Amazon's Prime and LoveFilm Instant Bundle

Amazon's put together a nice little bundle for those of you who need your stuff and need your stuff NOW, pairing a LoveFilm Instant subscription with an Amazon Prime membership and shaving £29 of the price of getting them in the process. Read More >>

Rumour: YouTube to Launch Pay-For Channel Subscriptions

The Financial Times is reporting that YouTube will launch a paid subscription model for specific, specialist video channels—as soon as this week. Read More >>

Sky's £9.99 PAYG Sports Channel Access Launches Today

Back in January it was rumoured that Sky would be opening up pay-as-you-go access to its sports channels without the need for the usual monthly subscription and package. And it is. It's been announced and launched for use today. Read More >>

New YouTube App Code Shows Pay-To-View Is on the Way

Remember those rumours that YouTube was working on rolling out some paid subscription channels? According to Android Police, code in the recently updated YouTube app shows that Pay-To-View is in the works. It's just a matter of when. Read More >>

PAYG Sky Sports Opening up to Non-Subscribers For... £9.99 a Day

Sky is finally ready to push ahead with its plan to offer non-subscribers instant access to its hallowed sports channels, with the satellite broadcaster offering casual sport fans the chance to buy 24 hours of access for £9.99 from this spring. Read More >>

Report: YouTube May Start Making You Pay For Content

AdAge is reporting than in an effort to lure more content producers (along with the subsequent viewers and advertisers that follow) away from traditional television, YouTube is supposedly getting ready to launch paid subscription on specific channels. Read More >>


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