Super Sad Guy Watches Hindenburg Show, and Tries To Blow His House Up

Gotta feel bad for this guy: a Pennsylvania man who'd hit some very hard times wanted to end it all in a fiery blaze after watching a TV show about the Hindenburg crash. He's still alive, but the explosion he set off leveled his house. Read More >>

We've Grappled With Televised Death Since The First TV Suicide in 1938

The family of an American man who committed suicide this past September has filed a lawsuit against Fox News over the live broadcast of the event. Understandably, the family says that they suffered emotional distress after the broadcast, which was seen on TV sets and computer screens all over the world. Anchor Shepard Smith apologised immediately after airing the suicide, but a debate about the disturbing voyeurism of televised police chases ensued. Read More >>

Apple's Siri Attempts to Talk Down Suicidal iOS Users

Apple users on the brink of topping themselves might soon have a friend to turn to, with Apple's Siri virtual assistant soon to suggest suicide helpline numbers to people who appear to be using the tool to find ways to off themselves. Read More >>

Hyundai's Suicide Advert Was Never Going to End Well

Hyundai's had to pull an advert and profusely apologise for belittling the sensitive subject of car-assisted suicide. Yeah, OK, your car doesn't spit out many fumes, but really? Who in their right mind thought that was a good idea? Read More >>

The Void of Losing Someone You Don’t Know — in Memory of Aaron Swartz

I didn't know Aaron Swartz personally. We never spoke, not in person nor by email. Read More >>

Former Reddit Co-Owner and Internet Activist Aaron Swartz Commits Suicide

Former Reddit co-owner and founder of DemandProgress, Aaron Swartz commited suicide at the age of 26 in New York City yesterday, according to reports by The Tech. Swartz had been battling criminal charges related to his attempts to make JSTOR archives public and had been facing up to 50 years in prison and $4 million dollars (£2,479,466.91) fines at the time of his death. Read More >>

The US Army Wants to Create a Nasal Spray That Prevents Suicide

Suicides are very sad but also, possibly, preventable and hopefully, treatable. The US Army is banking that it can develop a nasal spray that could prevent suicidal thoughts from ever occurring, and it's spending the next few years trying to combat suicide in soldiers with science. Read More >>

Could a Nasal Spray Really Make You Stop Wanting to Kill Yourself?

Antidepressants are nothing new, but the U.S. Army is looking into a new way to deliver them. That's why they gave the University of Indiana $3 million to work on an anti-suicide nasal spray. Read More >>

You're More Likely to Die on Your Birthday

Surrounded by friends and family, celebrating with good food and drink, birthdays are happy occasions that we all look forward to. But new research suggests that, of all days, we're most likely to die when we're celebrating the passing of another year of our life. Read More >>

Flame Trojan Gets Strange Auto-Destruct Command

Remember that massive piece of spy malware that was running about the internet called Flame? In a very strange turn of events, apparently it's just been told to immediately commit suicide and destroy itself, leaving no trace it was ever there. Read More >>

Olympus Scandal Results In Top Executive Death

The long running Olympus corruption scandal that saw ties with the mob, hiding loses and executives leaving left and right has taken another sad turn with the apparent suicide of one of its top executives, Tsutomi Omori in New Delhi. Read More >>

Early Christmas Shopping Tip: Dr. Kevorkian's Suicide Machine Is for Sale

Whether or not you agreed with his values, Dr. Kevorkian's assisted suicide device is a historical artifact of sorts. Which is why the New York Institute of Technology is auctioning off his patient helping/killing gear. Honey, you shouldn't have! Read More >>


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