Stock Up on Suncream as Killer Heatwave Summers Will Increase

The odd heatwave is treated like the Second Coming in dreary old Britain. But will we welcome blistering summers when they become the norm? A new Met Office report suggests that European summers will swelter as standard come the year 2040. Read More >>

Instant Badminton Court: Just Add a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

There's a greater chance of an alien spacecraft landing on earth in the next five minutes than there is of a badminton net surviving more than one summer afternoon. They're not exactly designed to be long-lasting, or easy to setup, which is why this all-in-one badminton court kit could be a great investment. Read More >>

The Greenhound: Our Favourite New Summer Drink

We are officially in the dog days of summer. In London, the weather forecast for the next couple of weeks gets up to 29 degrees C. You need something refreshing. The Greenhound is that something. Read More >>

A Trampoline Is Your "Summer's Really Here at Last!" Deal of the Day

Summer's here -- for a couple of weeks at least, so let's get outdoors and start mucking about instead of doing any work. Read More >>

What Are Your Must-Have Gadgets for Getting Through the Summer?

I'm sitting here, sweatily blogging away in my not-very-breathable pleather blogging chair, and that can only mean one thing: summer's here. Some lunatics like the heat, but the rest of us prefer to fight like hell, and you've got to have the right arsenal to do it. Read More >>

This Magical Microwave Gun Zaps Away Your Sweat Glands So You Won't Sweat Anymore

The only reason why summer sucks? Sweat. It gets everywhere—your pits, your face, your back, your crotch—and turns summer into a slimy, sticky, smelly season. How do you stop it? Deodorant? Air Conditioning? No, mere mortal, a magical microwave sweat zapper gun! Read More >>

UV Wristband Helps Prevent Sunbathers From Burning

A Swedish company called Intellego Technologies is set to commercialise a special wristband, much like the kind wrapped around your wrist at concerts and music festivals, that can alert its wearer when it's time to get out of the sun so as to avoid burning or potentially carcinogenic sun damage. Read More >>

The Science of Building the Perfect Sandcastle

Everyone knows the secret to building sandcastles is a little water. But while too little leaves the sand useless, too much makes it heavy enough to cause disastrous landslides. Fortunately, scientists have unravelled the secrets behind sandcastle building for you. Read More >>

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This Underwater Exploration Float Should Come in Adult Sizes

The coolest kid at the beach would come sporting this water toy—a float with a periscope attached. But what everyone wants to know is if they could make it for adults too. Read More >>

This Ice Cream Cart Runs on Sunshine

In the UK, the instantly-recognisable tinkling of the Mr. Whippy truck approaching is the hallmark sound of summer. Those old white trucks might deliver melty dairy goodness, but whatever comes out of their tailpipes can't be good for the planet—which is what makes these solar-powered ice cream carts so awesome. Read More >>

Sunburn Is Your RNA Crying Out in Pain

Sunburn is painful, dangerous and embarrassing. But despite knowing it's the body's protective immune response to high levels of ultraviolet radiation, scientists weren't exactly sure what the biological process behind it was. Turns out that it's your RNA screaming out in pain — a finding which could help sunburn and other skin ailments for good. Read More >>

A Garden Bench Is Your "I'm Prepared For Summer, Damn It!" Deal of the Day

We like to play a percentages game here at Gizmodo, and reckon that because the weather has been so wretched and diabolical so far this summer, it's inevitable that a heatwave is on its way, leading to lots and lots of outdoor sitting and basking. Read More >>

The Five Most Relaxing Houses In the World

It may be warm and nice or rainy and miserable outside but, most probably, you have office weather in your office cubicle. Wouldn't you rather be in one of these dream holiday houses now? They have to be the most relaxing and beautiful buildings on Earth. Read More >>

Ray-Ban Foldable Aviators Make the Slickest Shades Even Better

Ray-Bans are some of the best sunglasses. The styles of are timeless and the lenses are quality. And while there have been foldable Wayfarers for years, now the classic Ray-Ban Aviators have gotten the same treatment. Read More >>


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