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10 Lifehacks That Will Make Your Summer Even More Awesome

Summer was always great growing up because it meant no school. Summer is still great now because of barbecues, ice cream, Pimms, (occasional) sunbathing and the fact that we don't have school anymore. Read More >>

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BioLite CampStove: Charges Your Phone and Warms Your Tush, By Burning Twigs

Stoves have come a long way since the humble primus: turbo flames, jet boilers and ultra-light portables are just some of the options around. But now there’s the BioLite, a stove that burns twigs and charges your phone all at once. I know, it should erect your tent for you too. Read More >>

How to Blag Yourself Some Grolsch Beer

Grolsch is running a cute advertising campaign to "relaunch the brand as a premium world beer" according to some black-framed glasses-wearing marketing experts, but all you really need to know is: FREE BEER. Visit their site now; text your name to their "detective" Journt Von Deg, and you'll likely get a voucher SMSed to you for some free booze (or the chance to try again tomorrow). Now, who wants to buy a 4-pack voucher off me for a quid less than the shops flog it for...? [Grolsch] Read More >>

What's the Big Deal? This Skateboard Ceiling Fan Does 900s All Day Long

Over at Notcot's experimental studio they wanted to find a novel way to liven up the boring ceiling fan that hung over their heads. And since they were fans of gleaming the cube, they decided to replace its wooden blades with skateboard decks. Read More >>

Manual 3D Sandcastle Printer: The Most Tedious Way to Have Fun at the Beach

Somewhere, mankind lost its way. The latest proof being that instead of relying on good old buckets and other moulds for building sandcastles, kids are now given tools like this plastic sand and water funnel which makes them painstakingly build up a sand structure layer by layer. Read More >>

The Best Ways To Keep Your Drinks Ice Cold This Summer

After the wettest June on record and a less than impressive start to July, the wonderful British summer is off to a characteristically slow start. However, in the name of stoic British duty, its Wimbledon time and that means its time to start drinking outdoors. Read More >>

Sleeping in a Geodesic Dome Is the Only Way I Want to Camp

The Geodesic dome was first invented by Buckminster Fuller as part of his vision of a better tomorrow. While the world did not adopt his solution for a shelter that maximised volume while using minimum amounts of material, the dome has maintained a cult-following. One such example of that is a British farm that lets you embark into the wild and "camp" in a geodesic dome. Read More >>

Behold the Most Ridiculous Way To Stay Cool at Work

We're usually the ones to endorse any kind of device that promises to keep you cool during the hot summer months. But maybe heat stroke is the lesser of two evils compared to strapping this cooling contraption to your ankle. Read More >>

How an 11-Year-Old Invented the Ice Lolly and Changed Summer Forever

Ever wonder why the ice lollies you make at home don't taste quite as uniformly delicious as the ones in the freezer? Well, you may have been perfecting your popsicle-making technique for years, but the ones in the store have a hundred years of science and innovation in their corner. It all started with one particularly brilliant 11-year-old boy... Read More >>

This Jetbike Looks Like the Most Fun You Could Ever Have On the Water

The Jetovator follows in the footsteps of those water-powered jetpacks that have been all the rage as of late. But instead of strapping into a backpack-like contraption ala The Rocketeer, the Jetovator has you sitting on a wheelless water-propelled motorcycle. Read More >>

Olympus TG-1: Tough Cams Want to Snap Beautiful Photos Too

The Olympus TG-1 is the company's latest rugged camera, the successor to last year's TG-810. And though the rugged aspects of these cameras may have hit an innovative plateau, there's always room for improvement when it comes to image quality. That's why Olympus packed a lens with an F2.0 aperture into this durable 12-megapixel beast. Read More >>

This Hammock Tent Is Like a Swanky Hanging Three Bedroom Apartment

Is there anything worse than setting up camp only to have a family of bears attack, dragging off your food and other campers? That (probably!) won't happen if you've packed a Tentsile tent which hangs out of the reach of predators. Read More >>


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