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These Solar-Powered Ray-Bans Charge Your iPhone When the Sun Goes Down

Now this is genius, one of those ideas that seems so obvious that you wonder why no-one has ever thought of it before. Sayalee Kaluskar, a designer from Mumbai, India, has put together a pair of sunglasses that can convert the sun's rays into power for your iPhone. Read More >>

Magnets: The New Attractive Fashion

...I can only apologise for that pun. Magnets, as we all know, are useful things. You'll find them in your bank card, your electric guitar, and probably plastered all over your fridge. And now, they're being implemented by fashion designers. Read More >>

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Glowing Lightsaber Sunglasses Perfect For Tatooine's Two Bright Suns

A Jedi's hooded cloak is a great way to keep the sun out of their eyes, but on scorching hot days, especially on planets like Tatooine with two suns, it has to be unbearable under there. Until now the only real solution was to build a moon-sized space station to simply blow up a glaring sun, but now there's these glowing lightsaber sunglasses as a cheaper alternative. Read More >>

Minimalist Sunglasses Reveal a Hidden Logo When You Fog up the Lenses

It's a simple trick that serves no other purpose than to impress your friends, but that doesn't make these sunglasses from Parabellum and Oliver Peoples any less awesome. The shades feature almost no branding, until you breathe on and fog up the lenses—then the company's logo is conspicuously revealed. Read More >>

If Sunglasses are Good Enough for the Moon, They're Good Enough for Your Face

See those glasses in Buzz Aldrin's left hand? They're not Ray Bans, they're American Optical Pilots. These American shades—not some Italian-crafted designer ones—are the glasses that went with Neil and Buzz to the lunar surface on Apollo 11. Read More >>

Ray-Ban Foldable Aviators Make the Slickest Shades Even Better

Ray-Bans are some of the best sunglasses. The styles of are timeless and the lenses are quality. And while there have been foldable Wayfarers for years, now the classic Ray-Ban Aviators have gotten the same treatment. Read More >>

Using Helen Keller To Sell Sunglasses is Terribly Inappropriate

We'd like to think that this Chinese sunglass maker who's using Helen Keller to hawk its shades is a simple case of lost in translation. But we're finding it hard to believe that even the crudest of translators wouldn't pick up on the fact that she was completely blind. Read More >>

Carbon Fibre Sunglasses Sound So So So Great—Until You Stop and Think About Them

Sunglasses made out of moulded carbon fibre with scratch-resistant lenses would fix a lot of standard sunglass-related problems. Like sitting on them. Or having them fall off your face. They're perfect! Kind of. Read More >>


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