The Best Super Bowl Tech Ads, Ranked

Unlike recent years, 2014 saw some Super Bowl ads for tech companies that were actually... good? Inconceivable! We've gathered them all here, in easily processed ranking form. As always, all rankings are totally subjective and legally binding. Read More >>

It Took More Than Just iPhones to Shoot Apple's New Ad

With Macintosh turning 30 this year, you'd think Apple would go big. Maybe they'd spring for another Super Bowl commercial like the 1984 ad that changed the way the world thinks about computers. Nah… they just made an Apple promo reel that was shot entirely on iPhones—with a little help, of course.
Don't get me wrong: It's a pretty commercial. Showcasing such unbelievable realities as robotic hands and motion-controlled drones, it manages to capture that future-is-now feel that Apple's always done so well. That present-day future also happens to be completely powered by iOS devices, you'll notice. Heck, even the commercial itself was shot completely with iPhones and produced in only a day! Read More >>

One Boob Built YouTube: How Nipplegate Changed the Way We Share Video

Think about it this way: If Justin Timberlake hadn't partially exposed one of Janet Jackson's nipples during that fateful Super Bowl halftime show, you wouldn't be able to watch all the nipples you'd like on your computer today. Read More >>

Apple is Probably Going to Run a Sequel to its "1984" Ad During the Super Bowl

30 years ago, the Los Angeles Raiders were slaughtering the Washington Redskins at halftime in SuperBowl XVIII, when America was stopped in it's tracks by a gal with an Brigitte Nielsen haircut and a hammer, running towards the screen. Read More >>

Who Does Military Overkill Sports Flyovers Better: USA vs UK

The opening ceremony of the Olympics last night was kicked off by a giant, coloured-smoke flyover by the Royal Air Force's Red Arrows squadron. Pretty cool! Your pounds at work! But does it beat... The Super Bowl? Read More >>

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This Nixed Charlie Sheen Superbowl Ad Totally Makes Me Want to Do Drugs and Drive a Fiat

ormally when someone quits/gets fired from the number one sitcom in the country, goes on a months-long bender, and proceeds to lose his shit in front of the entire internet, he ends up living under a freeway. But not Charlie Sheen. He leverages that situation into a meme, increased stardom, and this commercial for a Fiat 500 Abarth. Damn, he's good. Read More >>

See How Much Camera ISO Has Improved Over the Years

The picture on the left (if you can't tell by the young and spunky Britney Spears) was taken at the 2001 Super Bowl with a Nikon D1H at 2.7 megapixels and 800 ISO. That was PRIMO technology back then! The picture on the right was taken at this year's Super Bowl with a Nikon D3s at 12MP and 12,800 ISO. Yep, thing's done got better. Read More >>

How the Best Super Bowl Commercial Was Almost Cancelled by Apple

You know Apple's 1984 commercial. You've seen Apple's 1984 commercial. Heck, it's widely accepted that the 1984 commercial is one of the best ads of all time. But did you know it was almost cancelled by Apple before it ever aired? Read More >>

The Domino's Super Bowl Pizza War Room Oozes Pepperoni, Cheese, and Sadness

On Super Bowl Sunday, 55 IT specialists will huddle together in a dark room to keep company's website afloat on the biggest day of its entire year, since it's going to be bombarded by millions of ravenous fans. But the company they work for isn't the NFL. Read More >>

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Samsung Will Obliterate Apple with This Very Lame Super Bowl Ad

Samsung doesn't seem to be able to beat Apple in their legal copycat battle. But at the very least, they'll have this slightly insulting, mostly obvious, certainly expensive Super Bowl ad to help propagandize. War is all hell. Read More >>


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