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Magnetic Levitation Seems Magical in Slow Motion

What do you get if you take some magnets, superconductors, liquid nitrogen and a slow-mo camera with which to film it all? This kind of magical footage is what. Read More >>

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How a Superconducting Camera Could Revolutionise Astrophysics

Over the past four decades, the field of astrophysics has enjoyed a pair of massive technological advances. First, we jumped from archaic photographic plates that relied on chemical emulsions to charge couple devices (CCDs). Now, the transition from CCDs to hyperspectral imaging devices that utilise exotic superconducting materials could change how we see the stars forever. Read More >>

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A Mobius Strip Track Makes Magnet Hovercrafts Even Cooler

Superconducting magnets are freakin' awesome. You should know this already. But the folks at the Royal Institution took it a step further with their futuristic upside-down, Möbius strip track that's fit for a racing game set in 21xx. Hopefully this is what the Hot Wheels of the future are like. Err, "Hot Superconducting Magnets," I guess. Read More >>

This 18-Year-Old's Invention Could Make Your Future Phone Instacharge

Khare is one of the three big winners from the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. She and 17-year-old Henry Lin (right)—who created a model that simulates thousands of galaxies—picked up Intel Foundation Young Scientist Awards. Meanwhile, 19-year-old Ionut Budisteanu won the Gordon E. Moore Award and £50,000 for his AI model that could lead to a cheaper self-driving car. Khare's invention is the one with some really immediate potential though, and quick-charging phones is something we all want. Read More >>

Why Superconductors Are Insanely Amazing

Everyone always bangs on about superconductors as if they're some super-amazing scientific miracle, but where's the proof, eh? Eh? Umm, here it is: check out how they compare to plain old normal conductors, and you'll be gobsmacked. Read More >>


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