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Supercut of Heroes Getting Geared Up Will Make You Want to Kick Ass

Before confronting great adversity, your favourite film hero has to prepare him or herself mentally, physically, and with massive weaponry. That's the delightfully simple premise of this supercut, which collects some of the best gearing up moments from film. Read More >>

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The House of Cards Hacker is the Best Worst Thing About Season 2

Season two of House of Cards has been available to stream on Netflix since Friday, meaning you've probably gorged on all thirteen episodes already. (WARNING: Some [non-critical] spoilers lie ahead.) The best worst part? An Anonymous-style hacker and his faithful sidekick, Cashew the guinea pig—every single second of which was absolutely, phenomenally over-the-top ridiculous. Read More >>

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Here Are All the Oh So Fun Fake Websites from Arrested Development

Maybe you didn't enjoy the newest season of Arrested Development on Netflix? Maybe you wanted to watch it in chronological order? Maybe you thought the actors became too different, like Maeby's Mum? Maybe you missed the old episodes? Whatever it may be, you'll definitely enjoy this supercut of all the fake websites that popped up on Arrested Development. Save our Bluths! [Slacktory] Read More >>

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All the Best Fake Websites TV Shows Have Dreamed Up

The Internet is great and all, but the fake Internet on TV is even better. This mashup from Slacktory takes you on a whirlwind tour of all the best (read: worst) sites that (probably) don't and shouldn't exist. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to get back to kickin' it on [Slacktory] Read More >>

What Movies Think of Photographers

What do you think of photographers in real life? Guys and girls with awesome jobs? Creepy paparazzi who sell their soul to TMZ? Truth tellers? Lighting obsessed? Here is how movies portray photographers. Read More >>

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Real Humans Don't Do Three Point Landings

This supercut of three point landings that debuted at ROFLCon this week is a gas to watch. But it also makes me realise that human beings basically don't do this. At all. Read More >>


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