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How to Make Your Very Own Supercut

Along with memes and animated GIFs, the video supercut constitutes one of the three most fundamental formats of internet cultural reference. But with a bit of dedication and imagination, you could create the next Christopher Walken Dancing. Read More >>

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This Supercut Proves That all Running Should be in Slow Motion

Just admit it. Sometimes you're jogging in the park or you're on the treadmill and you visualise yourself running in slow motion. Sweat pouring off you, hair swinging, face contorted as you fight for your goal. It's pretty epic. Read More >>

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A Delightful Supercut of Movie Characters Abusing Broken Tech

Scoff as we may, we've all been there before. One of your gadgets starts acting up and, even though you know it's wrong, banging on it with your fists just feels so right. Why, even TV and movie people do it—a lot, actually. Vimeo user Duncan Robson was kind enough to round up the best belligerent-tech-smashing-clips that TV and movies have to offer, and the result is absolutely delightful. Read More >>

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Supercut of Epic Movie Visions of the Future Looks Past the Apocalypse

Who doesn't love a good movie about the future? Zany gadgets, floating cars, dystopian cities — we've seen it all on the big screen. And here's the very best of the lot of them. Read More >>


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