This Year, Canada Spent £8,500 Asking People If Superheroes Can Fly

Can superheroes leap over tall buildings? Can they become invisible? Can they walk through walls? Can they fly? These are the types of cutting edge questions asked in a recent study commissioned by Canada's armed forces. Weird, huh? Read More >>

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Why Superheroes Wear Their Underwear on the Outside

While there have been many fantastical proposed origins of this seemingly odd modish style amongst comic artists ---my favorite of which being that most superheroes lost their parents at an early age, so they had no one to tell them underwear goes UNDER your clothes--- the true origin is pretty simple. Read More >>

This is the Best Consumer-Ready Iron Man Suit We've Ever Seen

Do you like Iron Man? Got £1,225 lying around? You're in luck, my friend, because the Iron Man Factory is open for business, and they're selling the best Iron Man suits we've ever seen. The only problem is you'll have to wait, oh, about a year to get yours. Read More >>

"Iron Man Armour" to Create an Army of US Super-Soldiers

As if the thought of being targeted by a drone strike wasn't enough to strike fear into the hearts of those on the wrong side of US military aggression, the news that the US Army is planning to create a legion of soldiers equipped with real-life "Iron Man armour" surely will. I mean, a single Robert Downey Jr is more than enough for one planet, right? Read More >>

This Gel Works Like the Memory Cloth from The Dark Knight

Remember that scene from Batman Begins  where Christian Bale leaps off a building grabbing his cape with the gloves that Morgan Freeman made him to send an electrical charge through the material that caused it to firm up in the shape of a wing? Well a material like that actually exists. Read More >>

The Depressing Truth About Being a Superhero

Whenever we watch our favourite superhero movies, we can't help but wish we had their powers. Superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman ability. It all sounds so great! But in reality, it wouldn't be always awesome like saving pretty actresses and wearing spandex. Day to day life would suck. Read More >>

Real-Life Superheroes Fly in (by Plane) to Promote Huawei's New Mobile Phone

These people are apparently called Phoenix Jones and Purple Reign. They are, if we believe what we are told, real-life superheroes, who try to inspire people by hanging about in their costumes and prevent crime by making everyone laugh at them instead. Read More >>

This Guy Built the Most Incredible Spider-Man Suit Ever

MoonSpider admits that he didn't actually make the suit himself but he connected all the right and talented people to get his creation off the ground. Still, it's impressive as hell. There are hidden zippers all around the suit, sneaky shoe uppers tied to the feet and incredibly detailed colour representation. It's pretty much perfect. Read More >>

If Superheroes Were Sponsored By Famous Brands

How do superheroes afford being, well, superheroes? It doesn't seem too lucrative a gig, given the time commitment and hazardous work conditions, but yet every hero still seems to make ends meet. But if superheroes are struggling financially, they should totally look into sponsoring themselves. Iron Man by McDonald's. Monster Hulk. Three-Stripe Wolverine. This is what sponsored superheroes would look like. Read More >>

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Awesome Window Washers Dressed Up As Spiderman When They Visited a Children's Hospital

Cleaning windows at a hospital can be totally awkward for everybody involved so All Children's Hospital in Tampa Bay, US got creative by having their window washers dress up as Spiderman while they cleaned their windows. It brightened up their entire day. Read More >>

The Avengers Screening Delayed Because Some Dunce DELETED THE FREAKING MOVIE

And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth's mightiest heroes and heroines found themselves united against a common threat. On that day, the Avengers were... deleted? Yes. The copy of the film being used for a screening last week was accidentally wiped from the server, and delayed a room full of angry nerds (and film critics) from seeing the Avengers assembled. Read More >>

Turn Yourself Into a Batman Action Figure

Most of our childhoods were spent alternatingly dressing up like superheroes and playing with action figures in their likeness. Now you can combine the two by actually getting your own head on the body of your favorite superhero, like Batman or Superman, on one of these custom action figures. Read More >>

Watch The Dark Knight Rises Full Trailer Now

A bootlegged version of the Dark Knight Rises trailer has been upped, and it's... it's — look, this thing is amazing and I'm probably going to take a week of vacation in July to watch the movie on repeat in the theater the whole time. Read More >>


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