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Genius Gravity Scene Featuring Superman Ruins/Fixes the Whole Movie

Haha, this is super silly but if you enjoyed the roller coaster ride that was Gravity and wished you were a superhero once before in your life, you should enjoy this fun mash-up video that creates a fake "deleted scene" that changes the entire movie. Read More >>

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What Would Happen if Earth Stopped Spinning?

Remember how in Superman Christopher Reeve spun Earth backwards to go back in time and save Lois? Turns out, he probably shouldn't have done that, because slowing the Earth's rotation to a stop would seriously mess with everything on our planet, as Earth Unplugged explains. Not cool, Superman. Read More >>

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Comic Book God Stan Lee Explains His Beef With Superman

Though the world of comic book superheroes requires a suspension of disbelief, there are still rules even superheroes need to follow! Things just can't happen when they don't make sense! At least that's what comic book legend Stan Lee thinks. And if he thinks like that, we should listen. Here he explains why he really hates Superman. And it goes beyond Superman being boring. Read More >>

Metropolis: The Real-Life Town That Superman Couldn't Save

Until the 1970s, the tiny southern Illinois town of Metropolis in the US had two claims to fame: The long-demolished fort George Washington founded nearby, and the Uranium Hexafluoride Processing Facility, which employed hundreds of its citizens. But in June 1972, the Illinois House of Representatives and DC Comics gave Metropolis a new history. They declared it the official hometown of Superman. Read More >>

Ben Affleck is the New Batman. Say What?

I'm afraid this isn't a joke. It seems the supposedly-wise bosses of Warner Bros have given Ben Affleck, him of Daredriveldevil fame, the nod. Apparently he's going to facing off as Batman against Superman in the Man of Steel 2. Ugh. Read More >>

How Batman Takes a Selfie

We've seen famous photos taken as selfies before, but there's something so satisfying about seeing our heroes give in to that most unctuous of vanities. Besides, did you ever doubt that Tony Stark has a Stark Industries Camerabot™ snapping away at his good side at all times? Read More >>

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So What Would Happen if Superman Punched You?

If Superman's fist was 300g and he could move at 99% the speed of light, his punch would be cable of punching at an energy 190,000,000,000,000,000 joules. That's quadrillion. That's 45 megatonnes of TNT. That's 2,800 times more powerful than Hiroshima. The temperature of his punch would be 79,999,999,999,726.9 degrees Celsius. Earth has never seen such power. Oh and you'd be completely destroyed at an atomic level. Read More >>

A Complete Visual History of Superman's Signature 'S'

The premiere of Man of Steel is only a couple of days away, and true to form, the internet has been plastered with everything even mildly related to Krypton's finest. But this infographic—made by the industrious people over at—is definitely one of the greatest things we've seen so far. And we don't even like infographics! Read More >>

Stunning Behind-the-Scenes Photos Show Iconic Movies in a New Light

We love the magic of the movies, that trickery that lets us believe in beautiful robots, time-travelling scientists, wolf men, and flying superheroes. But sometimes it's fun to peek behind the curtain, and see the secrets and candid faces behind our favourite films. Read More >>

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New Man of Steel Trailer: Superman + Explosions = INSANE

When we saw Man of Steel's first trailer, we thought Superman never looked so badass. Now after seeing this longer trailer, well, OH MY GOD. It's everything you want in a superhero movie: origin, self doubt, internal conflict, great looking actors, ridiculous action sequences, and explosively explosions on explosions on explosions. Oh yeah, and a lot of awesome flying. [Man of Steel] Read More >>

This Lego Fortress of Solitude Should Be a Set

We all want to be Superman, but sadly can't be—so maybe the nearest we can get is building his pad out of Lego. At least that's what Chris Melby thought when he constructed this sensational model of the Fortress of Solitude from scratch. Read More >>

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GE Is Turning a Roller Coaster Into an F-35 Launcher

Superman: Escape from Krypton has been terrifying Six Flags Magic Mountain visitors since 1997 over in the US. Once the tallest roller coaster on the planet and the first to employ a linear motor system, Superman launched riders up a 415-foot vertical track at 100 MPH. Now GE is working to convert the technology behind the amusement park ride into an electric catapult capable of flinging F-35s into action. Read More >>

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This Must Be the Secret Door to Superman's Fortress of Solitude

Here's the secret door to Superman's Fortress of Solitude. Or its toilet pipe. Or just an awesome photo of an ice column in a tunnel carved in the rock, near Lake Tahoe. In any case, a beautiful image. [Full Frame CollectiveThanks Attila Nagy!] Read More >>

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First Full-Length Man of Steel Trailer: Superman's Never Looked So Badass

Finally! Since the first teaser dropped this past July, this is what comic book fans and move buffs have been waiting for. The first full-length trailer for Zach Snyder's re-imagining of Superman, Man of Steel, just went live and it looks pretty good. Read More >>

This Animated TV Is Powered By Lego Pixels

This looks like an ordinary Lego construction of a retro TV but it's not. See that Superman? It flies on screen, zooming through the landscape. The screen is mechanised and made entirely with Lego. [Flickr via Brothers Brick] Read More >>


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