So How Much Of Your Food Goes In the Bin?

For the first time in its history, Tesco has revealed its food waste figures -- and they're pretty stunning. According to them, around £700's worth of food is wasted by families every year -- which, given that the average family food budget is around three grand, sounds shockingly high to me. What do you reckon? Read More >>

Rumour: Tesco Planning Own-Brand Tablet for Christmas Tech Domination

A report is claiming that Tesco is about to "pull an Amazon," with a Tesco-branded tablet set to arrive later this year, packed with the supermarket giant's own suite of media apps, shopping tools and more. Read More >>

Tesco Tries Its Hand at Terrible Twitter Horse-Meat Puns

If you've been on Twitter during the whole HorseburgerGate thing, you've probably had your eyeballs violently assaulted by an absolute crapload of the worst puns the internet has to offer. I'll be honest, even we've had a stab. But I never thought Tesco would have the gall to join in. Boy oh boy, was I ever wrong. Read More >>

Five Occasions Supermarkets Sold Stuff They Probably Shouldn't Have

Supermarkets are wonderful places; grocery-filled utopias equally amazing for the weekly shop and late-night maple syrup runs. They're basically the epitome of modern retail prowess; like the rest of us, though, they're just human, and sometimes they screw up awfully (as I'm sure you've read this morning). Here's a collection of the retail giants' greatest gaffes to date. Read More >>


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