The Internet is Becoming the UK's Preferred Illegal Drug-Buying Option

Forget badgering tramps in underpasses, the new, gentrified way of buying legal and illegal drugs in the UK is online, with the 2014 Global Drug Survey showing we're buying more dodgy prescription and illegal chemistry through the internet than ever before. Read More >>

LG Denies Nexus 4 Shortages Are Its Fault and Says No Nexus 5 Incoming

After Google basically threw LG under a bus, telling the world+dog that all the Nexus 4 shortages and issues were LG's fault, the Korean manufacturer has finally responded. Apparently it's nothing to do with LG, because it's been pumping them out just fine, and still is. Thanks Google. Read More >>

Display Shortages Could Result in Limited iPad Mini Stock (and Angry Customers)

While we still have a few weeks to wait before we can actually get our hands on an iPad mini, pesky analysts fear it may be quite hard to actually snap one up due to a supply shortage of displays in the 7.9-inch screen market. Read More >>

If You Wanted a Blue Samsung Galaxy S III You Might Have a Long Wait (Update)

Seems like the "blue pebble" variant of the awesome Samsung Galaxy S III is going to be pretty rare for the time being. Samsung's having difficult making them, and it's been forced to delay a wider launch because of short supplies. Read More >>


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