Almost Everyone is Angling Solar Panels the Wrong Way

Conventional wisdom in the northern hemisphere is to face solar panels south so they get the most light all day. Architects and panel installers implement this approach all the time, especially on homes. But a new study indicates that panels facing west may actually get more juice from the sun, and at more convenient times. Read More >>

Global Dyson Award Shortlist Includes Fruit Warmers, Robot Arms and 3D Printed Casts

The international 2013 Dyson Award shortlist has been revealed, with 19 new entrants from around the world joining the UK's wave energy thing in battling for the top innovation reward cash pot. Read More >>

IKEA's Going to Sell Solar Panels Now (No Assembly Required)

Get excited, Earthlings who like the Earth: IKEA just announced a new program to sell energy-saving solar panels in each of its 17 UK stores. This means that with a little bit more effort than it takes to purchase a set of Billy bookcases, Brits can be doing their part to bring the world a little closer to sustainable energy. Read More >>

This City Planted 'Moving Gardens' On Its Buses

Environmental awareness has risen exponentially in recent years and many people have grown a strong urge to surround themselves with anything green amidst vast concrete jungles. Vertical gardens, urban farming, and guerilla gardening are a few phenomena that have only recently entered our daily lives. Read More >>

UK Dyson Award Winner Triumphs With "Multi-Axis Wave Energy Converter"

This year's Dyson Award winner from the UK category is Sam Etherington from Brunel University, who took it upon himself to casually invent a better method of generating electricity from the relentless action of the sea's waves. Read More >>

Uh, Why Is an Artist Living Inside a Floating Wooden Egg For a Year?

There's a strong probability you'd go crazy living inside of an egg, despite the fact that you actually came from one. But artist Stephen Turner is up to the challenge. Starting this month, he'll be taking up residence in the Exbury Egg, a self-sustaining studio/home/boat/monument to fertility, for the next 365 days. Read More >>

This Is the Propane Tank Bench of Hank Hill's Dreams

The King of the Hill definitely never went this far with his love for an open flame. Meet Colin Selig, a California designer who fabricates sleek, sinuous couches out of metal sheets cut from empty propane tanks. Read More >>

The Systems That Power the Year's Most Sustainable American Buildings

Only a decade ago, sustainable building techniques were fairly rare; a fringe culture on the periphery of mainstream architecture. But with Stephen Colbert interviewing radically green architects like Mitchell Joachim, and Passive House buildings popping up in New York City, that's all changing very quickly. Read More >>

Your Dead Relative's Metal Parts Are Being Tuned Into Road Signs

It's time to cremate grandma. But what's to come of the perfectly usable metal hip replacement she leaves behind? For the residents of several English cities, the answer lies in public signage. Read More >>

Got an Idea for a Thing? 2013 James Dyson Award Now Open

The awesome global idea net that is the Dyson Awards has re-opened for 2013, with the inventor-backed scheme upping its top prize to £30,000 and asking for submissions that could change lives of people around the world. Read More >>

The Tiny Transforming Apartment That Packs Eight Rooms into 32.5 Square Metres

Living in New York City isn't all adventure and dynamism. Unless you are wealthy the way no real person is, you probably have to settle for a living space that is cramped and cluttered. It is the project of Graham Hill, entrepreneur and treehugger.com founder, to come up with an ideal New York apartment — one with a small footprint, both physically and environmentally, and one that offers just as much beauty and functionality as a pad multiple times its size. Read More >>

British Fishy Escape Hole Wins £10k Dyson Award

The very clever SafetyNet idea, which lets little fishies escape from the menace of modern trawler nets, has won the global Dyson Award. Its inventor, who scooped the UK prize earlier this year, wins a further £10k to put toward prototypes and testing of his illuminated fish exit. Read More >>

Help Save the Fish With the UK James Dyson Award Winner

The James Dyson Award is a brilliant step forward for innovation and design, and we at Giz UK could not be more proud of the sheer quality brought forward in the UK entries. SafetyNet, the winner of the UK leg, was designed by Dan Watson, a recent graduate from the Royal College of Art, and is a fantastic design that also factors in the environment and sustainability of trawler fishing. Read More >>


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