This Map Shows Where People are Dropping the F-Bomb on Twitter

If you've ever wondered which nation has the sweariest Twitter users, wonder no longer: this wonderful maps shows you where the F-bomb is being dropped right now. Read More >>

Russia Wants a More "Civilised" Internet by Banning Swearing

The chairwoman of Russia's Committee on Family, Women and Children wants to make the internet a less angry place by banning swearing, with web site managers given 24 hours to delete offending content or face punishment. Is Russia trying to one-up the Great Firewall of Cameron? Read More >>

The Origins of a Bunch of British Insults (Yes, Most of Them are Dirty)

Swearing is an art form, and us Brits are blessed with a vocabulary of curses, cusses and put-downs more well-stocked than most. But did you know that calling someone a berk should be much more offensive than it really is, or that the incredible 'nincompoop' is actually a legal word? Read More >>

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If Only All Adverts Had Swearing in Them (But Maybe Not Courtney Love)

Ads are pretty much all aspirational bullshit these days. "Oooh, look at me; don't you want to be me? All butch and muscular, with a full head of luscious hair and stunning women throwing themselves at you? Then buy this heap of turd." Well, one e-cigarette brand has gone another way. Swearing at you to tell you how f*cking awesome it is. Supposedly. Read More >>

All the Authentic Classical British Swearing From Game of Thrones

Obviously this one isn't safe for work, not unless you're watching the above video on a building site through a mobile data connection on your battered old JCB Toughphone. It's 126 swear words from Games of Thrones, delivered in their finest rough Olde English accents and edited together for maximum embeddable offense. [YouTube] Read More >>

South Korea Wants to Block Swearing and Porn on Teenagers' Phones

While we're over here yammering on and on about sexting and the best ways to do it, things are moving in a bit of a different direction in South Korea. The country's government is currently rolling out a plan to block swearing and pornography on all its teenagers phones. Read More >>

Man Banned Swearing In Wales, But He Can F and Blind All He Likes In England

In another example of our incredibly bizarre and screwed-up legal system, a foul-mouthed blaggard from Wales has been banned from swearing in said country. Absurdly though, his "crasbo" only extends to the borders of Wales -- pop over to England and he can swear all he likes. Read More >>

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Weatherman Continues the BBC's C-Word Slip-Up Tradition

James Naughtie and Andrew Marr aren’t the only BBC presenters who are prone to the odd c-word slip, it seems the weathermen are too. Apparently they’ll be bucket loads of c**t on the way for Britain – sounds nasty. Read More >>

Swearing Makes You F**king Feel Better

It happens all the time. You stub your toe or bash your elbow, scream "Mother SUCKER!" (or something), and instantly feel just a bit better. It's true: your potty mouth saves you aspirin money. Science! Read More >>

You Want to Stop Me Swearing in Text Messages? F*** that

Some of us like a good expletive every now and then. Others like to send dirty messages to our, err, loved ones. But in Pakistan, that's soon to stop, as the country is banning rude text messages. Read More >>


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