How Engineers are Moving an Entire Town Two Miles Down the Road

The city of Kiruna, Sweden, is sinking—the iron mines beneath it are making the ground collapse. So, over the next two decades, its 20,000 residents will be relocated, along with their homes, offices, stores, and schools, to another, brand-new city about two miles to the east. Read More >>

An Early Look at Ikea's Light, Cheap, and Portable 2014 Collection

Ikea is already the gold standard for furniture that moves well, but this year its designers are pushing the art of nomadism even further. Images of Ikea's new PS collection have arrived, and its name—On the Move—says it all. Read More >>

The Design of Abba's Clothing Was Actually a Form of Tax Evasion

The design of disco supergroup Abba's stagewear was not just influenced by the sequinned needs of being a dancing queen; the design of their clothes was also a form of tax evasion. Read More >>

This Transforming Medieval Text is Actually Six Books in One

With a literacy rate hovering around an estimated 5 to 10 percent of the population during the Middle Ages, only a select few of society's upper echelons and religious castes had use for books. So who would have use for a sextuplet of stories bound by a single, multi-hinged cover like this? Some seriously busy scholar. Read More >>

A Swede's Insane Rant Against the Internet, as Told by Google Translate

Bo Bergman, a 73-year-old Swedish man living in the quiet locality of Simlångsdalen (population approx. 500) is not reading this right now. This is because Bo Bergman really hates the internet. Read More >>

Swedish Ice Hotel Adds London Tube Train to Chiselled Exhibits

The ICEHOTEL, in a region that calls itself Swedish Lapland, has completed this year's collection of ice-made artistic treasures, which include a suite inspired by the London Underground's 150th anniversary. All the fun of being on the tube without any of the sweat. Read More >>

Man Breaks Out of Prison to Go to Dentist Appointment

Using a 'dental appointment' to miss work is a time-honoured tradition; but escaping jail just so a strange man can poke your mouth with sharp instruments is something really quite special. Read More >>

Sweden Is Closing Prisons Due to Lack of People to Put In Them

As the prison population spirals out of control over yonder in the USA, Sweden finds itself with an interesting and opposite predicament: it has too many prisons and not enough prisoners. For this reason, the Scandinavian country recently decided to shutter four prisons and a remand centre. Read More >>

Swedish Kids Say Their Parents are too Tech-Obsessed

In a recent study, 33 per cent of Swedish parents surveyed (521 total) admitted that their phone and tablet use was a sore point with their kids. The children apparently said that their parents spend too much time on the devices. And experts are weighing in about the developmental damage this could cause. Read More >>

Why It Takes Ikea Five Years to Design One Kitchen

I’ve always daydreamed about what working at IKEA must be like: Creating whimsical reindeer-shaped furniture, testing new meatball recipes, and dreaming up adorable product names. But as the Wall Street Journal reveals today, the process of developing products at the world's largest furniture retailer is an epic, efficiency-driven numbers game. Read More >>

Swedish Swimmers Warned of Testicle-Eating Piranhas

Human testicles are a "natural target" for the pacu fish, a relation of the piranha, which has been spotted by fisherman in the Oresund Sound that separates Denmark and Sweden. Local men are being advised to keep their vegetables under wraps. Read More >>

The Pirate Bay Finds Safe Harbour in Iceland

After making a run for it from Sweden to Greenland, and then finding that Greenland really didn't want a bunch of pirates plundering its waters, Iceland seems happy to have the Pirate Bay. So, time to update your bookmarks: is TPB's new home. Read More >>

The Pirate Bay Extends Its Game of Whac-a-Mole With a Brand New Domain

The cat-and-mouse game of big media versus the Pirate Bay and its various proxies, IP addresses, and tunnelling equipment, has just been pre-emptively extended with a brand new domain name: Seems Sweden tried to take its .se domain back. Read More >>

A Swedish Police Taskforce Raided a Bunch of Teenagers Playing Call of Duty

Whether you chalk it up to the hyper-realism of today's video games or an overzealous neighborhood watch program, it's hard to blame the Swedish police who responded to a frantic call reporting what sounded like a brutal massacre. The ten-man team raided the apartment to find a group of teenagers in the midst of a gratuitous and abhorrent bloodbath. Just another friendly night in playing Call of Duty. Read More >>

Why Aren't Telephone Towers This Beautiful Anymore?

You're looking at what was once the main junction for telephone connections in Stockholm. See all the wires? That's because it was used for around 5,000 phone lines—literal lines—from 1887-1913. Read More >>

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Woman Steals Train, Then Crashes It Into a Building

Last night in Saltsjöbanan, Sweden, a young woman decided to try her hand at driving a train. It didn't end well: she careered off the end of line and straight into this house. Read More >>


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