Nokia Store: The Forked-Android Portal that Nokia X Owners Will Get Their Apps From

Rather than going down the standard route of getting Google accreditation, for the Nokia X phone the Finnish smartphone company will offer Android apps through its own Nokia Store. It's taking a leaf out of Amazon's book then, which has taken a similar approach to Android apps with its Kindle devices. Read More >>

In Association With SONY
SwiftKey's Coming to iOS! (Inside a Note-Taking App)

SwiftKey is one of the best keyboard replacements you can get on Android, and now it's bringing its note-taking talents to iOS with the launch of a new app called SwiftKey Note. Read More >>

SwiftKey Embeds Itself into the Clarion AX1 Android Car Radio

Popular Android predictive keyboard SwiftKey is about to pop up in a whole different series of devices, with the text entry system set to appear in the Clarion AX1 Android-based car entertainment system. It'll allow passengers and distracted drivers to access the web and send messages in usual SwiftKey style. Read More >>

Which Keyboard Do You Use on Your Android?

One of the best things about Android is the fact that you're not stuck with whatever keyboard your phone manufacturer decides to give you. You've got a whole load of options, and now that SwiftKey 4.2 is officially out of beta and packing a cloud-syncing service for your personal language profile, it's time to ask what's the best keyboard on Android at the moment. Read More >>

Blu-rays From Is Your "What, They're Still Alive and Selling?" Deal of the Day

Sometimes it feels good to splurge a huge amount of cash on something. Let today be that day, because there’s a mahoosive sale of Blu-rays going on at, so you should probably treat yourself while you can. Read More >>

SwiftKey 4 Hits Android, Line-Drawing Flow Enhancements in Tow

The incredibly popular SwiftKey keyboard, which replaces Android's default text input system with a word-predicting engine and more, has been updated today. SwiftKey 4 adds line-drawing gesture tools to its spec sheet, along with numerous other design updates. Read More >>

Try the Next-Gen SwiftKey Flow Android Keyboard for Free

The clever SwiftKey Android keyboard, which analyses your writing history to suggest the next word you might be about to type, has been updated. A new beta release adds line-drawing input to the mix, helping it challenge the popular Swype for the position as number one Android text input tool. And the beta's free to try. It has changed many lives. [SwiftKey] Read More >>

Why Smart Keyboards Are Just Embarrassing

If you've never used Swiftkey, you should give it a try: it's a smart keyboard which uses some crazy intelligent algorithms not just to predict what word you're typing, but what word you're going to type next. It's spooky. Just don't, whatever you do, lend your phone to a friend. Read More >>

The Queen's English (Literally) Added to SwiftKey Predictive Keyboard

SwiftKey's a superb little alternate keyboard for Android-based smartphones, which analyses your typing patterns and tries to guess the next word you're about to type. Now the makers have committed the treasonous task of analysing the Queen's speech, so you can text like our monarch. Read More >>

android apps of the week
Instagram for Android, SwifKey Beta, and More

Android got some love this week with the launch of Instagram, the social photo sharing app already madly popular on the iPhone. Updates rolled out for SwiftKey, and an app that lets you control your phone from a web browser, Phonedeck, appeared. Read More >>

android apps
SwiftKey 3 Has Just Killed the Spacebar

Why hit the spacebar when you simply don’t need to? SwiftKey’s new Android keyboard is smart enough to know when you meant to insert that space, even if you didn’t in a whole sentence – no more incoherent virtual keyboard gibberish, just neatly formed prose from your frantic screen-bashing. Read More >>

SwiftKey X Will Read Your Blog Posts, Even If No One Else Does

SwiftKey X is a replacement keyboard for Android phones and tablets, which "learns" your typing style by scanning text messages and Facebook updates. Now it can read blog posts, too, getting an even better idea of how you write. Read More >>


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