Take a Dip in the Zaha Hadid-Designed 2012 Olympic Pool for Just £3.50

Forget gold postboxes or a new West Ham stadium -- the real meat of the 'Olympic legacy' was unveiled today, and it looks fantastic. As promised, most of the venues in the Olympic Park in Stratford are being reopened as places for the general public to go do sporty things; and crucially, they're all cheap and gob-smackingly beautiful. Read More >>

Why Holidays are Dangerous and You Should Stay at Home This Summer

Everywhere across the UK, holiday providers are wringing their hands in desperation because Britons have decided to stay at home this summer. Thanks to our mega-heatwave and the promise of a 40 minute tube ride with forty other exposed armpits, Brits just don't want to go abroad. I applaud this sensible thinking. In my view holidays are overrated, and in fact downright dangerous. That's right. I know that, because I went on holiday last year and nearly died. Read More >>

12 Cool Pools You Wish You Were Swimming In Right Now

It's gone from warm and pleasant weather to hot as hell outside. It's like slogging through air so thick you need a machete and it's definitely a-shower-every-time-you-step-outside hot. In times like these, you just want to laze in a pool. Specifically, in these positively perfect specimens. Read More >>

Listen To Music Through Your Cheekbones While You Swim Lengths

The Neptune speakers rest on your cheek and make the bone vibrate so that the vibrations can be relayed to your cochlea, allowing you to hear music. The process is called bone conduction, and is also used by some marine mammals. Since the music is going straight into your head, you don't have to deal with anything in your ears while you're trying to swim. Read More >>

This Robotic Sea Turtle Moves Through the Water With Breathtaking Grace

Mankind's attempts to create robotic humans that move exactly like us have so far been far from perfect. They usually stumble around, desperately trying to keep their balance like a toddler taking its first steps. But recreating the natural motions of underwater creatures like sea turtles? We've damn near perfected that. Read More >>

Blood, Sweat and Engineers: Technological Innovation and Performance in Sport

Why are humans all over the world so fascinated by sport? It must have something to do with the desire to win. And yet winning isn't just down to how much you want it. Winning, especially at the highest levels, usually involves getting an edge on your opponent through innovation. Or as the Audi slogan goes: "vorsprung durch technik," or advantage through technology. Read More >>

Would You Paddle to Work In the Proposed London Lido Line?

If you're bored with the bus, terrified by the tube, and petrified by the idea of peddling to work, there may be hope for you yet. The runner-up of a recent urban design competition has proposed a commuter swimming lane along London's Regent's Canal. Read More >>

Seven Marvellous Olympic Cheats

The Olympics has a long and inspirational history full of, triumph, glory, perseverance and dedication, but it's also got a tonne of cheating gits who'd do anything to get their grubby little hands on a shiny medal. Here's a list of some of the more interesting (and idiotic) athletes who've got caught over the years. Read More >>

This Robotic Swimming Humanoid Is No Match For Phelps

If Tokyo Tech's swimming android robot—awkwardly dubbed the Swumanoid—is any indication, our Olympic athletes don't have to worry about any cybernetic competition for at least a few more years. But for the time being, this robot is actually designed to help improve a human swimmer's performance and gear. Read More >>

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This Underwater Exploration Float Should Come in Adult Sizes

The coolest kid at the beach would come sporting this water toy—a float with a periscope attached. But what everyone wants to know is if they could make it for adults too. Read More >>

Swimmable Mermaid Tails Are an Embarrassing Way to Drown

Monika Naumann's three daughters simply adore all things mermaid. And, fortunately for the daughters Naumann, their mother will do whatever it takes to ensure her girls have their hearts' desire. It doesn't matter that mermaids aren't real! If they want to be little Ariels, they will be little Ariels! Read More >>

How to Get Rid of Runner's Stitch

If you're like the majority of runners, you've experienced this at one point or another: You're out for a run, and then in creeps a sharp, localised pain, right under one of your ribs. You think, "What is that, and how to I banish it to hell forever?" Read More >>

Want to Swim Faster? Open Your Fingers

This seems a little counter intuitive, but apparently the fastest way to claw through the water is with splayed hands. That classic cupped oar-like technique is just plain rubbish compared to forked fingers. Read More >>

How a Man with No Arms or Legs Will Swim All Around the World

Philippe Croizon lost his arms and legs in a terrible accident 18 years ago. Since then, he has trained to become a world class athlete. This summer, the Frenchman is going to swim between every continent in the world. Read More >>


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