Which Keyboard Do You Use on Your Android?

One of the best things about Android is the fact that you're not stuck with whatever keyboard your phone manufacturer decides to give you. You've got a whole load of options, and now that SwiftKey 4.2 is officially out of beta and packing a cloud-syncing service for your personal language profile, it's time to ask what's the best keyboard on Android at the moment. Read More >>

Google's Awesome Native Keyboard Is Now an Android App

Google Keyboard is Google's new keyboard replacement app that's very similar to Swype or SwiftKey. It's live in the Google Play store now, and it'll make your phone, regardless of manufacturer, a little bit more like a Nexus. Read More >>

Swype For Android Is Your Cheaper-Than-a-Can-of-Coke Deal of the Day

Are you a Swype'r, a Typer, a Tapper or a Dictator? No, we're not sure what any of that means either, but we thought we should ask before we press ahead with today's toppermost bargain. Read More >>

Swype's Keyboard Is Now Out of Beta and in the Play Store — For 65p

Swype has finally dropped its Beta tag and gone official — which means it's now in the Play store, easy to install, and no longer free. Read More >>

Swype Now Crowd-Sources Your Autocorrections

Swype, the sliding keyboard that dramatically speeds up typing on Android, just got a little more clever. As well as offering a more fluid typing experience, it now crowd-sources your autocorrections—which should (hopefully) make for fewer embarrassing mistakes. Read More >>

Why Wait For Jelly Bean, Grab Android 4.2's Fancy New Keyboard Now

A slightly unfinished but perfectly usable version of Google's new gesture-based Android 4.2 keyboard has been made available online, which should work for just about anyone using a phone or tablet running Google's Android 4.0 code or higher. Read More >>

Nuance May Be Scooping Up Swype For £64 Million

Nuance is reportedly acquiring Swype, the company behind the popular keyboard alternative for Android. The purchase price is estimated to be a cool £64 million. Read More >>


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