Facebook Testing Automatic Photo Sync for Android

Facebook is testing a new photo sync system which automatically uploads photos taken on Android handsets to the web. Read More >>

Just to Spite iPhone Users, Google Updates Android Maps

As the world whines about Apple ditching Google Maps for its own slightly first draft mapping effort in the latest iOS update, Google's rubbing salt into Apple users' wounds and eyes by updating its awesome Android map app to make it EVEN BETTER. Read More >>

Amazon's Cloud Player Now Open for UK Music Streamers

If you want, need and can be bothered fussing about with another collection of logins and are looking for an alternative way of magically putting all your music up into the air with the bees, Amazon's got one. Its Cloud Player's now live for UK users. Read More >>

We're Going to Need a Bigger Cloud: Dropbox Adds Auto-Uploads to Mac and PC Tools

As well as making the lives of smartphone users easier by letting us upload all our photos to its server automatically, Dropbox is now rolling out the same feature to its desktop software, so PC and Mac photographers can sync every single photo they take. Read More >>

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Offline File Sync Added to Google Docs for Android

Google's added a very useful little feature to its Android Google Docs app, which now includes a drop-down menu that lets users cache files for offline access. You can have them automatically update via Wi-Fi, too, plus there's a new high-res page preview complete with sideways swiping display for those using the app on tablets. [Google Mobile] Read More >>

50 Cent Will Make Dr. Dre Proud with These Headphones

It's been ages since I've mentioned Dre and 50 Cent in the same breath, but 50's new SYNC headphones remind me that he was once one of his proteges. These cans are pretty much his answer to the Beats by Dre headphones. Read More >>


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